Say the words I want to hear

The Trump coalition has taken over, and I am part of a small faction within that coalition.  I’m a libertarian and a constitutional conservative, and there just aren’t very many of us.  Hell, I didn’t even vote for Trump, but that was personal. As voters, there aren’t enough of us to matter.

But because we understand the Constitution we have an important role to play.  One of us will be appointed to the open Court seat, and we’ll get all the other Supreme Court vacancies as well.  I’d like to see Cruz get Scalia’s seat.  It would be a big hearted move, and we need all of that we can get.  Regardless, we’re the ones who care about the Constitution, and as long as we get the Court we’re relatively satisfied.

I saw Steve Ballmer on Fox Business today, and he said the words I’ve been waiting for weeks for a Democrat to say.  He said, “We need to balance the budget.”  Ballmer is Microsoft, the 22nd richest man in the world, and a brilliant and well connected Democrat.  When he speaks, I listen.  That wasn’t an offhand comment.  And it could have major implications for the Reagan Project.

I haven’t heard a Democrat talk about a balanced budget in 20 years.  Democrats are the party of environmental extremists, trial lawyers and government employees.  The money comes from all three.  The greens give a lot of the cash, but the government has discovered ways that it can funnel cash to the cause as well.  When it settles a case, the federal and state governments direct large parts of the monetary settlement to favored groups, like ACORN.  Its a huge scam, and they do it all the time.

As the Party of enviros, trial lawyers, and government employees the Democrats hate balanced budgets.  The more spending, the more they get out of it.

But there are other Democrats, like Ballmer, private sector Democrats.  And they understand money.  Boy, do they understand money.  And they understand that $20 trillion in debt, with no end in sight, can not be sustained.  Because he’s a Democrat, and loyal, he kept his mouth shut during the election.  But now with Trump and the Republicans doing all the spending, he’s got no hand in the game.

So he wants a balanced budget, which means he wants a BBA, which means he’ll be in support of using Article V.

And if we can agree with him on a BBA, what else can we agree on?  Term limits, maybe?  He’d have to give up Nancy Pelosi after six more years, but by then he’ll probably  be ready to let her go.  What else could we agree on?  It would be an interesting conversation.

Ballmer thinks the internet is as revolutionary as the invention of printing, and in the same way.  The printed word, or book, was a communications revolution and led directly to the invention of science, and the modern world.  It was liberating.  It spread knowledge out from the center, dispersed it.

Just like the internet, and with the same result.  Empowerment of the individual, and the expansion of freedom.



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