Hail, Caesar! Trump bitch slaps the media

Actually, aside from his personal quirks, Trump is normal, and so are his fans.  It’s the media, the universities and the rest of the Ruling Class that’s weird.  For one thing, they don’t really believe in their country.

They talk about the Bill of Rights, but they don’t care about the Constitution, our history or our native culture.  We’re a coarse and vulgar people, always have been, and always will be.  We’ve been white racists ever since we got off the boat at Jamestown.  We’ve oppressed women, practiced genocide on millions of innocent Native Americans, stole their land, and imported black slaves to do the hard labor we wouldn’t do.  We stole half our country from Mexico, and have used our military power to exploit the entire Third World.

Normal Americans love their country, revere the Constitution and are proud of our history.  We think we’re the best country ever.  So there’s quite a gap between normal Americans and the Ruling Class.  Because they don’t even like the country they live in, the Ruling Class would like to do away with its sovereignty, to surrender it to the United Nations, or the World Court, or some international institution.  It’s why Obama wants to give up American control of the internet.  If they could get away with it, they would surrender our independence tomorrow.

But that’s not popular, so they do what they can.  And what they do is not represent us to the world, but to represent the rest of the world to us.  They always want us to look at things from the foreign perspective, and make allowances.  And do we ever make allowances.  We get taken to the cleaners not because our negotiators are stupid.  It’s because they’re traitors.

The last time a representative of  the people, not the Ruling Class, was President was 1989, when the Gipper left office.  That’s a 36 year span.  A whole lot of deals were done in the last 36 years, and they all need a second look.  From a strictly American perspective.  What’s in it for us?

Watching Trump and the media is like watching the final scene in the Coen Brothers Hail Caesar!   Josh Brolin is a movie studio head, and George Clooney is one of his actors.  Clooney’s been kidnapped and brainwashed by some Hollywood leftists, and is babbling some Marxist bullshit.  Brolin gets up from behind his deck, walks over to Clooney and bitch slaps the hell out of him, and tells him to go out and film the damn movie.

I hope this movie ends as well.


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