And winner #34 is . . . South Carolina!

The South Carolina Senate has decided to function like a legislature, not the personal fiefdom of 85 year old Sen. Hugh Leatherman.  This guy is a piece of work.  He has somehow managed to personally control the Senate, and therefor the State Legislature, and therefor the State government of South Carolina for God knows how many years.  Nobody could talk to him  —  he wouldn’t listen to anybody.  It was almost like when you became a South Carolina State Senator, you handed your manhood and independence to this old coot.  He ran the show, you were there for window dressing.  Not any more, thanks to one young State Senator with a real set on him, the new Senate Majority Leader, Shane Massey.  He forced a rule change, and with that one procedural change our path in South Carolina is unobstructed.  We’ll get South Carolina, and that means we get 34.  This coming year, 2017.

Babbie and I met our man in South Carolina, John Steinberger, and his lovely wife in the spring of 2014 in Charleston.  He’s the chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party, and thus a significant player in South Carolina Republican politics. He was having private meetings with all the potential Republican Presidential candidates, and I was supporting Rand Paul at the time.  He seemed impressed with Cruz, and I told him that Cruz was playing footsie with Article V, he wouldn’t come out for it four square.  The Alt Right had helped him win the Republican Senate primary in Texas, and he didn’t want to antagonize them.  John said he’d pin him down next time he saw him.   A year later I got the word from John.  He’d cornered Cruz, and now he was all in on Article V.

John knows how to get things done, and we all feel very confident he’ll be able to deliver South Carolina now.  Thanks to the incredible work of Loren Enns, we are close to dead certain to get Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming.  That’s 31.  Once we straighten things out with sponsor Sen. Chris Kapenga in Wisconsin, it will quickly become our 32nd.  Things are shaping up very nicely in Kentucky, #33, and South Carolina would be the big one, the never before achieved Number Thirty-Four.

And we’ll have done it all without any help.  We had to fight the Alt Right the whole way, and the bigfoot conservative organizations, like the Heritage Foundation, wouldn’t give us any help.  Because they all rely, to one extent or another, on Alt Right money, that is Koch brothers money.  The Kochs are Alt Right.

The oldest, most established core of the Alt Right is the John Birch Society, which Fred Koch helped found in 1958.  His sons are loyal to him, and to the organization he helped form.  They’re Birchers, the very definition of Alt Right.  And they are the people we’ve had to fight, State by State, year after year, until now we’ve finally worn them down, and we’re going to win.  Over their dead body.  It wasn’t the Democrats, or the liberals, or the unions who were stopping us.  We didn’t have a problem with any of them.  It was the damn Birchers, and those moron Koch brothers.

Heritage spends $100,000,000 a year, and accomplishes  ..  ….    ….    …….I’m waiting.  I don’t hear any thing.

This all brings me back to asking Pence my question at the Town Hall in Carson City.  I asked him if he’d had a chance to talk to Mr. Trump about Article V, the BBA etc. and he smiled, and nodded his head, and turned away from me to address the crowd.  He was very positive and upbeat, but he basically told me, Don’t count on it.  The movement must come from the States, and the people, he said.  And, of course, he was right.  And that’s where it is coming from.


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