Counting our chickens

They haven’t hatched, so they’re technically still eggs, but every passing day fortifies my belief that 2017=34.  The truest of true believers, Loren Enns, continues his foray in the Far West, speaking to the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, one of the most politically powerful groups in the State.  Loren is being supported in his efforts by Dave and Suzie Biddulph.  He flew to Casper for the event, and with his success we’ll enjoy the support of Jim Magagna, Exevutive V. P. of the WSGA and a great guy.  I got a chance to talk to Jim myself in Cheyenne a couple years ago.  He raises cattle on BLM land, and I asked him what he thought about the Transfer of Public Lands to the States. He was all for it, and with that, I knew that TPL was politically feasible.  But that’s down the road a bit.

While in Casper Loren met with the incoming Speaker of the Wyoming House, and secured his endorsement.  Senate President Eli Bebout will take care of that side of the Capitol, so Wyoming is as good as done.  In Idaho he’s lined up 25 of the 29 Republican State Senators, with one on the fence.  The relevant committee is stacked 6-1 in our favor, and Bart Davis will be lonely in opposition.  Greg Page has been as good as his word.  He promised us he’d get the Idaho Senate, and he’s going to do it.  It’s nice when a man keeps his word.

In Arizona the House Speaker J. D. Mesnard has made our bill his own.  It’s one of the three bills that he is personally carrying.  Loren will be in Phoenix for several days next week, finishing up a whip count in the Senate that looks promising.  Governor Ducey will do what he can to help, and we can count on Arizona.

The sphinx-like Sen. Chris Kapenga of Wisconsin has all he needs to get it done, including two new Republicans in the Senate.  You’d have to be incompetent not to get Wisconsin, and no one has ever accused Kapenga of that.

Organizational work is under way in Kentucky, with all of the leadership on board.  As long as we stay on top of things, and don’t get lost in the shuffle, we’ll be just fine in Kentucky, especially with the Nashville Convention of States as a lure.

I’ll be on the phone Monday with John Steinberger in Charleston.  He said new Senate Majority Leader Shane Massie was all in, but I want him to tell me that again.  Because if it’s true, we’re going to get South Carolina, and that, if you’ve been counting, makes 34.  It’s going to be fun watching these eggs hatch.

The people who made this happen were able to do so because they each operated as an equal partner.  There was no hierarchy, and no one was on an ego trip.  We were all in it for the same reason, and that didn’t have anything to do with any of us.  It’s great way to operate, but it only works if you’ve got the right partners.


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