With Russia and Israel, we will destroy the jihadis

A month from now, when Trump takes office, we’re going to stop playing nice.  The Bushes, being Bushes, insisted on playing nice.  To Clinton and Obama, globalists to their core, playing nice was necessary because we must not alienate the one and half billion Moslems of the world.  We don’t want them to get mad at us.  What we’re afraid they’d do, if they really got mad at us, isn’t entirely clear.  At one point we needed their oil, but those days are over.  It’s mainly that they belong to another religion, and must be respected.  In the dumbest statement ever made by a President of the United States, Bush 2 declared, “Islam is a religion of peace.”  When you start off with something that moronic as your precedent, you’re bound to fail.

Trump’s got some people around him who understand what needs to be done.  With Flynn at NSA, Mad Dog Mattis at Defense, and T.Rex at State, he has a group of men who are willing to sit down with the Israelis, and with the Russians, and come up with a game plan to wipe these people out.  Track them down and kill them, just like the Mossad did to the assassins of the Munich Olympics.  It will take a while, and it won’t be pretty.  The Israelis just do whatever they have to do, and the Russians are perfectly willing to apply massive, brute force.  With our Navy, special forces, and technical capability we can accomplish this mission,  along with our friends in the Anglosphere, the Russians, and the Israelis.  That’s all you need, although help from friendly nations like Poland is always welcome..

It’s just a question of will, and Trump has more than enough of that.  He’s going to have an opportunity to demonstrate his resolve, and I expect him to take it.  It will probably involve an altercation with the Chinese Navy.  This time they stole one of our drones.  Who knows what’s next?

I wouldn’t rule out dropping the 82nd Airborne down on some ISIS stronghold, and having them clean house.  In and out in less than a week.  No permanent boots on the ground.  Just expeditionary forces, conducting police actions.  In and out.  My military training consisted of one semester in the U. C. Berkeley Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps in 1962.  I had a uniform, and everything.  I remember one time they tried to teach us the manual of arms, how you’re supposed to handle a rifle.  It was pretty sad.  We all thought it was sort of a joke.

So I may not have had much of a military career, but I am a politician, and I know the American people don’t want any more boots on the ground, any time, any where.  Our Army is for defense of the homeland, not imperial wars.  We’re not at war with a state, so the Army should not be sent overseas.  We have no reason to go to war with anyone.

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