The Alaska Summit

To me, Trump’s most attractive feature is his enemies.  You don’t have to like a guy to be on his side in a fight.  It all depends on who he’s fighting, and the people out to destroy Trump are, at bottom, opposed to what this country stands for, what it’s all about.  George Soros is a prime example, but he stands out only because he’s honest about it.  He’s a Hungarian Jew, a Davos Man, an internationalist, and a man of the world.  He doesn’t like this country, its history, or the people in it.  In part, because he and his ilk are out to take Trump down, I’ve got to root for the guy, as much as I don’t care for him, personally.

Based on what we’ve seen since the election Trump will be a successful President, and potentially a transformational one.  The market is full of rational exuberance, and we’re in a secular bull run that will last another decade.  Prosperity is just around the corner.

It takes peace and prosperity to be a winner, and I think peace is coming too.  The only people Trump wants to fight are the jihadis, and we’ll make quick work of them.  With Russia fully on board, all the powers of the world will be aligned against them, and the only question is how much damage they cause in their death throes.  The American military will need to cooperate with Russia’s, and it will be a good learning exercise for all involved.  We’ve been planning on fighting the Russians for 72 years, since 1945.  But we’re not going to fight them.  It is not in our national interest to fight the Russians.  Not now, and not ever.  Look at a globe.  If there were ever two neighboring countries who had less to fight over, I’d like to know who they are.

It would be nice if someone in the Trump circle had some imagination, and realized Anchorage, Alaska would be the perfect venue for the first Trump-Putin summit.  This the heart of what once was Russian America, which extended south all the way to Fort Ross, just north of San Francisco.

They could attend services at the St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral, where Putin could mingle with his co-religionists, most of them Aleuts.  If there was time, they could make a quick side trip to Kodiak, home of the heart of the Russian Orthodox Church of America, the Holy Resurrection Cathedral.  This is the home of St. Herman, a Russian Orthodox priest, and the patron saint of the North American Church.

Putin is a man who is said to have a heart of ice.  If anything could melt it, it would be a visit to this ancient and remote outpost of Russian civilization, and what remains of it.  Mainly, his fellow congregants in the Russian Orthodox faith.  They’ll be glad to see him.


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