The day the elite media died

I’ll be sorely disappointed if Trump doesn’t have a lot done after his first hundred days.  I think his strategy will be to have so many initiatives underway simultaneously that his opposition will simply be overwhelmed.  It will be similar to what’s happening in the Senate, with all kinds of confirmation hearings happening one on top of another.  I expect the bloody sacrifice of a lot of sacred cows, and the howls of rage from the elite media will be a delight to the ear.  They’ll be so pissed off, and so, completely, helpless.

Having served him the nomination, they did all they could to destroy him, and came oh, so close.  But he won, and their power is fading quickly.  They once had a monopoly on the news, the way the Catholic Church had one on Christianity.  Then came Gutenberg, and with the printed Bible in wide circulation the monopoly of the Church was shattered.  The monopoly of the news by the elite media has been smashed by the internet.  Their day has come, and gone.

This makes the watershed political year of 2017 even more significant.  With the dispersal of knowledge you get the dispersal of power, and it’s flowing away from the center.  It’s happening in much of the world, and is liable to continue this year all across Europe.   The center is not holding.

I’ve chided Trump for his lack of interest in federalism,  but he may prove me wrong on that.  The idea of “block grants” is to just give the States the money, and let them figure out how to accomplish the goal of the program.  Perhaps he’ll see the merit in that, when it’s presented to him by someone like the VP.  Pence is the hope for the constitutional conservatives, because he’s one of us.  The more prominent a role he plays, the happier I’ll be.

We’re off to a wet “winter” in the Gold Country.  This may be the year the long drought breaks.  It’s just going to be that kind of year.


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