No more press conferences!

What happens if Trump decides he doesn’t want to do any more press conferences?  Will the press go on strike, and refuse to report on Trump’s activities?   Will they be more hostile to him than they already are?   Will the American people rise as one and demand that the President submit himself to this hectoring by the media?  No, no, no.

Trump’s been pretty good at staying off camera during the transition.  He should continue to stay shy.  Just because he won, and he’s going to be President for four years, doesn’t mean people have decided they like him after all.  Tens of millions of Americans voted for him, even though they didn’t like him.  They still don’t like him.  But they want him to succeed.  He’ll have to earn their affection through actual deeds done.

I guess I’m speaking for myself here.  I’m tremendously excited by the accomplishments that are possible in just the next four years.  By traditional American standards, we may undergo a political revolution, as significant as 1828 or 1932.  The men and women Trump and his family have chosen to lead this administration are All-Stars, with few exceptions.  Every one of them has a full agenda.  Every corner of the federal government needs a thorough house cleaning, from the Justice Department to the :Postal Service.  Trump’s got the team to do it.  Jared Kushner is an extraordinary young man, and a brilliant judge of talent and temperament.  He’s learned a lot, quickly.  The first pick he made was the crucial one, and thank God Mike Pence got the job.  With these two standing at Trump’s side, I expect great things.

As long as Trump, personally, doesn’t get in the way.  He still doesn’t understand the concept of presidential demeanor.   Presidents are expected to act in a certain way  — restrained, in full control of themselves.  Not hot headed, and hostile.

Dan McLaughlin at NRO is doing a series on how Trump won, and it’s interesting.  He says Trump had the worst performance by a challenger in a post-incumbent election in 200 years.  Every candidate before him, in a similar position, gained at least two points from his party’s previous performance.  Trump gained less than one.  He says. “A candidate with nothing but the historical wind at his back would have fared better than Trump.”  And that doesn’t take account of the fact that his opponent, Clinton, was the second most disliked nominee in American history.

Trump, personally, has no mandate, but his issues do.  It’s a very odd situation.

Rep. Powers and Sen. Kelsey had a press conference today to announce the Nashville Convention of States.  I doubt it gets covered much.  Nobody understands what they’re talking about.  Yet.

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