Article V heads into the home stretch

And they’re off!

Wyoming breaks from the pack early, and may pass the House next week, in which case Senate President Eli Bebout will likely put  it up for a vote by the end of the month.  In Wyoming, as throughout the West, Loren Enns picked up the ball and ran with it.  The success in Wyoming has many fathers, but Loren, through dedication and hours, days, and weeks of effort, will be the one who finally put all the pieces together.  Thanks to the financial support of Dave and Suzie Biddulph, Loren has been working full time.  That’s 29 down, 5 to go.

Next up is Idaho, again a case where Loren Enns decided to work with our man in Idaho, Greg Casey, and make it happen.   Loren recounted an encounter Davis had recently with a high ranking official in the southeastern Idaho Mormon Church.  This man had opposed Article V, but after study and reflection realized he was wrong.  He is now an ardent supporter, and at a Republican Party Central Committee meeting decided to take Senator Davis to task on the subject, which he did, at length, and with strong letter to follow.   Davis now knows he’s beat.  We should get Idaho in February.  30 down, 4 to go.

In Arizona Loren had the wit to hire uber-lobbyist/campaign consultant Constantin Querard, and with his capable help we’ve got 24 sponsors in the House, including the Speaker.  Next week Querard and Loren, or Bill Fruth, will meet with the last two Senators we need to get the magic number of 16.  The Senate President is ready to bring it up as soon as possible.  That will be 31 down, three to go, in early March.

Loren, David Guldenschuh and Tom Llewellyn will be descending on Kentucky, which is virgin ground, and needs a lot of work.  Senator Schroeder was tasked by Senate President Stivers to recommend an Article V Resolution, and he decided on the BBA.  This legislature has already demonstrated how quickly it can work.  They’ll be back in session in early February, and we should pass both Houses in March.  32 down, two to go.

Our man in South Carolina, John Steinberger, says we don’t need to bother hiring a lobbyist.  With Steinberger on the case, you don’t need one.  Every State has one name associated with it, such as Oklahoma and Gary Banz, or South Dakota, and Hal Wick.  In South Carolina it’s John Steinberger.  The votes are there, in committee, on the floor, and in both Houses.  33 down, 1 to go.

Tom Llewellyn will be travelling to Wisconsin, to meet with the Sphinx, Sen. Chris Kapenga.  There’s no reason we can’t get Wisconsin by April.  The votes are there, in the House and Senate.  And the Magic Number is  —  34!

Guldenschuh tells me he’s got a documentary producer who wants to start filming this movement once we get to 32.  Maybe that’s what Kapenga’s been waiting for.

Time for a walk.  If you look hard enough, you can already see the very first signs of spring here in the Gold Country.  Flowers will bloom in a matter of weeks.  It’s going to be a great year.

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