All the world is queer, save thee and me.

And even thou art a little queer.

But Donald Trump is in a league of his own.  In a week he’ll be President of the United States, yet he’s so insecure he feels compelled to lash out at a washed up old black Congressman from Georgia.  He can’t even take criticism from an air headed movie star.  And his reaction is always an ad hominem attack, using insults as a substitute for dialogue.  Half the country can’t stand him, and many of his own voters cast their ballots with a sense of unease.  After a quick uptick after the election, his approval ratings are back in the toilet.  He was the most disliked man to ever win the Presidency, and when he takes the oath he’ll enter office with a negative approval rating — and that’s a first.  But we want him to succeed.  It’s as though a third of the country are on the Trump train, a third hate his guts, and a third are still trying to figure out what the country is in for with this guy.

He’ll be meeting with Putin soon, and this will be the most important meeting of his Presidency.  Putin wants to work with Trump, so there’s hope of a mutually beneficial understanding.  But with Trump, who the hell knows?

Phillipe Reines was the Trump stand in during Clinton’s debate prep.  He studied Trump intently to prepare for the job.  And he claims Trump doesn’t look people in the eye.  He avoids eye contact.  If that is true, it’s troubling.  Another sign of insecurity, I assume.  What is Putin going to make of this guy?

The hawks for war with Russia are crazy.  The French tried with Napoleon, and it is my opinion that World War I was caused by German Army generals who were becoming fearful of growing Russian strength.  They figured they’d have to fight the Russians eventually, and they wanted the war to come quickly, while they were still strong enough to defeat them.  And they did defeat them, but it cost them the war.  Hitler couldn’t wait to fight the Russians.  The Four Year Plan he adopted in 1936 was a timetable for war, and he kept it.

The historical evidence seems clear.  Getting in a land war with the Russians is the dumbest thing you can do.  And yet we’ve just sent American soldiers to Poland to prepare to do just that.  They must be withdrawn, and I expect Trump will do it post haste.  They are a provocation.  When the Russians got too close to us, in Cuba in 1962, we were ready to go to war to get them out.  Russia has a small border with Poland.  How would we like to be in their shoes?

After World War I Germany was stripped of territory by France, Poland, Belgium and Czechoslovakia.  World War II was all Hitler’s doing, but this dismemberment of Germany gave him a following.

In a sense, the Russians are like the Germans after World War I.  They lost the Cold War, just as the Germans lost their world war.  They lost their Soviet Empire, and have stranded Russian ethnic populations in the former Soviet Republics.  Just like the Germans.  And they feel they’ve been disrespected, and taken advantage of.  And, of course, unlike the Germans, they have a nuclear arsenal that is capable of destroying us.

That should be the ultimate goal of our relationship with Russia, nuclear disarmament.  I don’t want their missiles capable of taking us out, and I’m sure they feel the same way.  We’ve got nothing to fight over, so let’s get rid of them.  This was Ronald Reagan’s great dream, and his greatest disappointment.

That would be a legacy.  Is Trump the Unlikely the man to do it?  With him, you never know.



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