The silence of the hive.

It was apparent in 2012 that most Republicans wanted their politicians to take on the media.  I think it was in a South Carolina debate that Newt Gingrich basically told debate moderator Maria Bartoromo that her question about national health care was so frivolous it wasn’t worth responding to.  And it wasn’t just her question.  It was her entire attitude.  The Presidential candidates on the panel were supposed to be subservient to her and the other media.  They had to show proper respect, even deference.  It got under Newt’s skin and he went at her.  As I recall he jumped ten points in the polls to the only lead he ever had.

Everybody saw what happened, but Trump was the only one of the 17 Republicans last year who took it to heart.  He wasn’t just politically incorrect, he was politically contemptuous of the efforts to shut him up.  For the majority of the population that was sick of the disdain shown by the elite media to their values, it was irresistible, and compensated for his many flaws as a candidate.  He fought the hive, and he beat them.  No one in my lifetime has done that, and done it so spectacularly.  Even if you don’t like the guy, you have to give him credit.

As President, he will have multiple opportunities to humiliate and belittle the elite media, and I hope he takes advantage.  One of his great legacies could be the castration of the hive.  From the day I became politically aware, in the late 50’s, it was obvious to me that the networks were against what I believed.  Things have changed over the years.  They’ve gotten much, much worse.  It just may be that this is the year, 2017, when the elite media lose their power.  All the stars seem aligned, to me.  A full 50% of the country doesn’t pay any attention to anything they say, and the tide is running strongly against them.  A standard instruction given to every jury is that when a witness lies once, you’re entitled to disregard every other thing they say.  Their credibility is going fast, and without it they’re toast.

Our Resolution, HR 2, passed first reading on the Wyoming House floor today, 37-23, after barely getting out of committee on a 5-4 vote.  Kudos to Rep. Tyler Lindholm, Rep. Dan Laursen, former Speaker Bill McIlvain, and our man, Loren Enns.  We almost didn’t make it out of committee, and were saved by the somewhat surprising vote of freshman Bo Biteman of Ranchester.  He beat incumbent Rep.Rosie Berger in the primary last summer, claiming she was too moderate.  Berger was poised to become House Speaker, and had agreed to help us with our BBA Resolution.  There is a significant faction in the House Republican Caucus who are hard core, take no prisoners conservatives.  Biteman is one of them.  They are the source of our problem in Wyoming.  Once you get a chance to explain the issue to most of these people, they see the light.  If they’ll listen.  That is apparently what happened in the Judiciary Committee hearing where Biteman was the key vote.  He listened, with an open mind, and realized that Article V, far from being a threat to the Constitution, could be its salvation.

It is gratifying to think that an appeal on the merits, made by our advocates, to an open minded State Legislator, saved our bacon in Wyoming.


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