If we can say “America First”, can we say “States rights”?

States have rights, under the Constitution.   It’s right there in the 10th Amendment.  To claim these rights, they must use the federal courts, but since 1936 these courts have largely refused to enforce them.  They only have one, legal, recourse:  Article V.  The way it’s looking, the States will exercise their power under Article V for the first time in the year of our Lord 2017.  What a great year to be alive.

Meanwhile, as a resident of California, I’ve been thinking about 2018, and I’ve got a candidate for Governor, if he’ll run.  It’s Peter Thiel, the Trump supporting Silicon Valley billionaire.  He’s thinking about it, as evidenced by his willingness to spend an evening with MoDo of the NYT.  That’s a major commitment, so I take him seriously.  I’m working on a piece for American Thinker on the subject.

I’ve been a little down lately, and I think I know why.  It’s withdrawal, from politics.  With Trump, it’s mainly about governing now, and that part never interested me as much as pure politics.  But looking ahead to 2018, right here in my back yard, has got me going again.  When Babbie and I first moved here, in 2002, I got a little involved in the Simon for Governor campaign, a complete fiasco, and haven’t done anything locally since.  But in 2018, Thiel is Real.

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