Much ado about nothing

How much of a hassle are we willing to inflict on people coming here from nests of Islamic fanatics, in order to prevent another San Bernadino massacre?   If we have to keep 1,000 peaceful Muslims out, in order to stop one terrorist, that’s what we need to do.  Non-citizens seeking entry to this country have no rights.  They don’t get a presumption of innocence.  As far as I’m concerned if you’re from one of these hell holes you’re presumed guilty until proven innocent.  Call it extreme vetting.

And such an uproar!   But how many deaths have resulted from Trump’s order?  None.  How many terrorists will it keep out, and how many American lives will be saved?   We’ll never know.  Better safe than sorry.  You have to give this to Trump, he doesn’t back off.  He mocks Chuck Schumer for crying.  Horrors!

But won’t this make Muslims mad at us?  What are they going to do, march around shouting “Death to America!”?   Oh, wait, they already do that, along with trying to kill us any chance they get.  But what about all those moderate Muslims?  Are they now going to become terrorists?  Is this what pushes them over the edge?

When you push people far enough you get pushed back, and the American people have been on the receiving end for far too long.  We need to make a deal with these Moslems.  You leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone.  We’re not going to invade any more Moslem countries to overturn governments and build democracies.  But we will go anywhere in the world that we need to go in order to kill terrorists.  Within a year ISIS will be in shreds, and we’ll bring our soldiers back from the Middle East, and we’ll stay away unless we need to come back and kill some more lunatics who pose a threat to us.

My family post yesterday was full of errors, and I need to set the record straight.  Ten years ago I got all this Pettyjohn research off the internet, and it was an in depth genealogy.  And there they were, three Thomas Pettyjohns in a row.  I compared this professionally done research with a Pettyjohn family tree that I have, which has three straight Thomas Pettyjohns in it, and I assumed they were the same.  But it turns out I am not descended from Revolutionary War Veteran John Pettyjohn III and his offspring, Thomas Jefferson Pettyjohn, Thomas Jr., and Thomas III.  My line starts with James in 1635, then his son John, grandson James, and his great grandson Thomas, followed by two more Thomases.  A different line of Pettyjohns.  They stayed in Delaware for four generations, and then moved on to Indiana and eventually South Dakota.

I got in touch cousin Ted, with one of the South Dakota Pettyjohns, today, and hope to see him in Jackson, Wyoming for the August 21st Great American Eclipse.  If you like this blog, you’re invited as well.  Come one, come all.  Unfortunately all the rooms are booked, so you may need to bring a camper.

I remember telling my Uncle Fritz about becoming a lawyer, and he said the only Pettyjohn from our family that was a lawyer was shot in the back in Dodge City for being a horse thief.  Ted sent me a link to a book that basically confirms what Uncle Fritz said.  Grant Pettyjohn, one my great grandfathers brothers, was a lawyer, and a small town newspaper publisher in Taloga, Oklahoma in the 1890’s.  He’s mentioned  as part of a criminal gang in Getting Away With Murder On the Texas Frontier.  One of his partners was on trial for murder, and he was charged with suborning jurors, $100 per juror.  They all got off scot-free.

It’s nice to know some of the stuff Uncle Fritz told me was true.


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