The lamentations of their women

Once you’ve held your breath until you’re purple, butted your head against a wall, and rolled around the floor kicking your legs, what’s your next move?  Trump promised extreme vetting, and we’re going to get it, the hissy fits of the left notwithstanding.  Whoever he appoints to the Supreme Court will get the same reaction, as will the repeal of Obamacare, tax and regulatory reform, and gutting the EPA.  The list goes on, each, to the left, an outrage.  Each equally deserving of another hissy fit.  They’ll keep coming, each less impressive than the last.  Who said politics wasn’t fun?

Americans are a pragmatic people, and will judge Trump on results.  Will terrorist attacks in this country get worse, or better, under Trump?  Will  American soldiers be getting killed around the world, or not?  Will the economy be revitalized, and its benefits more equitably shared?  This is how Trump wants to be judged, and will.  The Democrats are in a hole, digging furiously.  If they keep this up they’re going to get crushed in 2018.  Maybe that’s what it will take for them to come to their senses.

The Koch brothers will be spending 300-400 million dollars in the next election cycle, and some of it will do some good.  They might get 10 cents of results for every dollar spent.  These two well meaning men have probably pissed away more money on politics than anyone in American history.  (Although George Soros is gaining on them).  They’re nice men, and very intelligent in business.  But because of their loyalty to their father, and his crackpot John Birch ideas, they are a serious obstacle to the real, constitutional reforms that are possible in Article V.  They refuse to give the BBA movement the time of day.  But worse, they use their influence within organizations like the Heritage Fund, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and others to poison the waters for our movement.  Well meaning amateurs, screwing things up with their blind ignorance.

Our resolution will be before Committee in the Arizona House, and it’s wired.  Loren Enns will be there, along with uber-lobbyist, Constantin Querard.  When State Senate President Andy Biggs left for Congress, and Querard signed on, things turned completely around in Arizona.   Querard isn’t really a lobbyist, he’s a political consultant, by far the best in Arizona.  Most of these State Legislators have hired him to get elected.  And he’s a true believer, a committed constitutional conservative.  With Constantin on the case, I’m counting on Arizona.

The confirmation hearings for the new Supreme Court Justice will be fun to watch.  One of my vivid memories is the hearing for Samuel Alito.  Ted Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate, was being handed notes from his staffers, and these were the questions the dope was asking Alito.  Alito’s wife, a law librarian and a very sympathetic looking woman, was seated right behind her husband, directly in the camera eye.  Kennedy started accusing Alito of some shady investment scheme, and Alito’s wife visibly cringed, with the look of a woman whose fine, decent husband was being vilified by a moral coward.

Say whatever else you want about Ted Kennedy.  He was a complete jerk.


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