The method to his madness

Every Don needs his consigliere, and Trump has his own, personal Rasputin in the person of Steve Bannon, who’s a piece of work.  The more I read about him, the more alike he and I seem.  Among other things, Bannon is a half-assed intellectual, just like me.  His favorite book is Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  And one of the main lessons it teaches is that, “All warfare is based on deception.”

Bannon and his boss are in a war, and they know it.  They’re up against not just the elite media, but the whole liberal establishment that constitutes our ruling class of elites.  This includes a whole lot of people, concentrated densely in the liberal metropolitan enclaves on the coasts.  They have a lot of weapons at their disposal, and they’ll throw everything they’ve got against Trump.  So forget bipartisanship, and working things out together.

My theory is that all these impulsive tweets, and this dumb statement about Shwarzenegger, and all the crazy stuff Trump is doing are part of the act.  He wants the disdain of the elites.  It validates him to his base.  And it helps deceive his enemies, by distracting them from more important matters.  And, he’s trolling them.

Bannon is also a history buff, and is a believer in The 4th Turning, which says all of history can be explained in four generational cycles.  This is batshit crazy, and makes me worry about this guy.  But at least he thinks, and is a unapologetic champion of our Judeo-Christian culture.

It’s interesting that these liberal enclaves all want to be sanctuaries.  Maybe we can work out a deal with them, like the one India used to have with the Portuguese enclave of Goa.  Give them a separate status, as a dependent enclave.  Be creative, maybe try something no one’s ever done before.  They want to leave, we want them to leave, so why can’t we cut a deal?

Sex and the city, maybe that’s part of it.  People go to the city for sexual liberation, and go back to the country to raise their families.  Some people get so liberated they never leave the city, and a lot of them don’t have families.  This is the land of confused sexual identity and the metrosexual.  It’s a different world.

Fixing Obamacare is going to take a while.  Simply repealing it won’t work, because, in the larger sense, Obama has won.  He succeeded in making it unacceptable that so many people lack health insurance.  He expanded the scope of governmental dependency.   For a man like Obama, that’s a pretty good legacy.

I realized all this when I read about a statement my Tea Party Congressman, Tom McClintock, made about Obamacare.  We can’t just repeal it, he said.  There are too many people relying on it, and we can’t take away what they’ve been given.  Case closed.

This was the dying breath of the progressive project, and it’s as far as they’re going to get.  But we’re a rich country, and we should make the health and welfare of our people our priority.

This far, and no further.


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