The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on

Even if you don’t like our honey badger President, you’ve got to love the way he abuses the media.  I remember Nixon’s press conferences, and how he loathed the press, but never challenged them.  We’ve never had a President willing to take these puffed up, self reverential lightweights head on.  He seems perfectly candid, telling us how he really feels.  It was genuine, authentic, and a delight to behold.  He’s being honest with the American people, and it’s the best policy.

And everything he said was true.  The elite media is a hive, and the Queen has issued her directive.  Trump must be destroyed.  Nothing else matters.  As long as Trump is in the White House, they will swarm around him, searching for an opening to make a sting.  But forewarned is forearmed, and most people in this country don’t like or trust the media, so he can beat them, just as he did in the general election.  It’s war, for the duration.  He may as well face the facts, and rally the people to his side.  Everyone at the Saturday rally in Florida will encourage him to keep hitting them, and he will,  no doubt.  And the best part is that he enjoys doing it.  He’s got that New York, in your face, attitude, and slapping the media around is a form of recreation.

I’ve been trying to figure out where all this anti-Russian hysteria is coming from.  Russia is no threat to our national security.  They’re not the ones challenging our right to patrol the seas of the world.  That’s China.  Behind our ocean borders, we are protected by our Navy, and as long as we rule the waves no one sets foot on American soil without our permission.  The Russians learned long ago that it was pointless to challenge us on the high seas, so we have nothing to fear from them.

Except, of course, their nuclear arsenal.  But maybe the best way to deter a nuclear attack is to normalize our relations with Moscow.  Russia is a great power, and has legitimate security concerns.  If possible, these concerns should be accommodated.  If that’s not possible, we should demonstrate our good will to the Russian people, and deepen our relationship with them.  They could not have beaten the Nazis without our help, and there is a reservoir of good will between our two peoples.

I think it all comes down to money.  Chamber of Commerce Republicans (and that’s most of them) do the bidding of their contributors, and big business wants the United States to defend Europe.  If we don’t,  it’s bad for business, and if a bunch of American soldiers from the heartland have to die to keep the multinational corporations happy, so be it.

I think that’s contemptible.  And it’s unnecessary.  As Peter Zeihan points out in The Absent Superpower, “As a percentage of GDP, the United States is the most self-sufficient country in the world.”   Only 8.25% of our GDP comes from merchandise exports, and a third of that goes to Canada or Mexico.  We can get by without Europe.

The Task Force’s Mike Stern did a little research on the history of the BBA in Maryland, and made some interesting findings.  Maryland State Senate President “Irish” Mike Miller was the first of ten siblings, is the father of five, and grandfather of fourteen.  As a freshman State Senator in 1975 he vote for one of the first BBA Resolutions.  It was sponsored by a man he greatly respected, Senator Jim Clark.  In 1987 he was elected Senate President, and used his position to help defeat a rescinding Resolution sponsored by Delegate Nancy Kopp.

Miller is still Senate President, after 30 years.  He’s a spry 74, and has all his wits about him.  Kopp is now the Treasurer of Maryland, and is once again pushing a rescinding Resolution.  I’ll hazard a guess that President Miller will not look kindly on this proposal.  When he first voted for the BBA the national debt was $500 billion.  That was 40 years ago, and the debt is now, at $20 trillion, 40 times as large.  I’ll bet even George Soros isn’t going to convince Mike Miller that we don’t need a BBA.

If we can keep Maryland, we won’t need Montana, and our road has one less obstacle.


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