A stab in the back

Moving quickly and quietly, the Texas State Senate is attempting to sabotage the Balanced Budget Amendment.  This at the behest of the Convention of States organization, (CoS), headed by Mark Meckler.  The BBA Article V campaign has 28 States, with a clear path open to 34.  CoS has 8 States, and a possible path to no more than 15, total.  In the solid Republican States of Arkansas, South Dakota and Wyoming they have lost on floor votes, this year.  If a Balanced Budget Amendment Convention is held, the CoS organization disintegrates, and Mark Meckler will have to find another way to support himself in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.  For CoS to survive, the BBA must be killed.   To hell with federalism, and to hell with avoiding national bankruptcy.  First things first, and Mark Meckler needs to make a living.

Yesterday in committee, the Senate passed SJR 38, rescinding their BBA Resolution, and then quickly passed the CoS Resolution, SJR 2.  There was little discussion and no debate.  It was wired.  Since the CoS Resolution has a provision specifically devoted to the BBA, this committee action makes no sense, except as a naked political hit job.

The question is:  where is Texas Governor Greg Abbott?  Is he a party to this treachery?   If he thinks he can kill the BBA, and then turn around and pass CoS, he is fundamentally ignorant.  If the BBA dies, the entire Article V movement dies with it.  With the BBA blazing trail, all sorts of possible Article V Amendments are possible.  Without it, the thought of a multi-subject Amendment, such as CoS, is laughable.  It will never happen.  Does Gov. Abbott want that on his record?  Does he want to be the man who killed Ronald Reagan’s dream of forcing Congress to balance its budget?

In the 28 States that have passed the BBA Resolution, there are hundreds of legislative leaders, from Florida to Alaska, who have worked to make President Reagan’s vision a reality.  To these men and women, Greg Abbott will be revealed as a self serving, and foolish, politician.  His name will be mud.

But we don’t know, for sure, that the Governor is a party to this plot.  If he’s not, he needs to make that clear.  There is another possibility, that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is behind this scheme, but not Gov. Abbott.  Whomever is pushing it, they need to realize that they are in the process of making a whole lot of enemies in State Capitols, all across this country.

Including Boise, where a week from today the Senate State Affairs Committee hears our Resolution.  Right now the vote looks close, and the Georgia Peach, David Guldenschuh, will testify and attempt to lock down a majority.  If we get out of committee, the floor votes are there, and Speaker Bedke promises quick action in the House.  While this is taking place, 400 miles to the east in Cheyenne, the Wyoming Senate is scheduled to be taking up our Resolution in third and final reading.  All signs point to #29.  We all need a win, for the sake of our mental health.


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