Donald Trump, triumph of the Cavalier

A nation’s culture is formed by its founders, and in our case we had two of them, one at Jamestown in 1607, the other at Plymouth in 1619.  A generation after the first settlers arrived, their ancestors back in England fought a Civil War in 1642, just as their descendants did in the American Civil War of 1861.

Virginians were descended of the Cavaliers, or Tories, and the Massachusetts men were the children of Roundheads, or Puritans.   Our Civil War was fought between them, North and South.  The political evolution, in the United States, of the Cavalier has been into a libertarian.  The Roundheads are today’s progressives.

The Constitution is a libertarian political document, proposed, largely written, and inspired by Virginians, the libertarian descendants of the Cavaliers.  It has been under sustained assault by the Progressives for over a hundred years, and it is now a shadow if its former self.

The assault has been withstood, barely.  But now the tide has turned, violently.  Trump is the kind of political freak that could only achieve power in a rip tide of reaction to the ridiculous excesses of Progressivism.  Can that rip tide also restore the Constitution?  Can the Amendment power reestablish federalism?

We shall see, in the next couple years.  The strong and steady ally of the BBA Task Force, the National Federation of Independent Business, or NFIB, as we affectionately call it, has struck again, in the person of their man in Texas, Will Newton.  Apprised of the skulduggery at the Capitol, he successfully intervened, and we are no longer in danger of rescission.  Thank you, Will, and thank you, NFIB.

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