Is that all there is?

It’s hard to know what to call the cabal set on preventing a Russian-American entente.  Atlanticists, neocons, Russophobes, the Deep State, whatever you want to call them, I think they have overplayed their hand.  The attacks on Jeff Sessions, Secret Agent Man, are so over the top that their determination to control Trump’s Russia policy is blindingly obvious.  If Trump’s half the man I think he is, he won’t let them get away with it.  It may well make him more determined than ever to reach an accommodation with Putin.

If you want peace, prepare for war, as Trump is doing with his military budget, but at the same time seek some common ground with potential foes.  Russia and the United States have a common enemy in ISIS and all of radical Islam.  Working together, it’s even possible we and the Russians could establish regional stability in the Middle East.  Like us, Putin is a friend of Israel.   There are a million Russian Jews in Israel.  They’re really Israelis now,  but they are former Russians, and retain some Russian culture, and Putin is attached to them.   Both Russia and the United States are now oil exporting countries, and want to see stability in the price of oil, and the Middle East is where that can happen.  Perhaps Jared Kushner, Trump’s unofficial envoy to the Middle East, is looking into all this.  He may have even talked to the Russian Ambassador.  Lock him up!

I’d be surprised if Trump doesn’t have a back channel to the Russians.  It’s important for every President to have one.  John F. Kennedy’s back channel to Khrushchev helped avoid a nuclear confrontation with Russia in the Cuban Missile Crisis.   FDR had Harry Hopkins, Kennedy had his brother Bobby, and so on.  Jeff Sessions has Trump’s total trust, and is a man of absolute discretion.  He’s smart as hell, knows a thing or two about the world, and would be a perfect unofficial intermediary.  I hope he and the Russians stay in touch.

As soon as the Tennessee Legislature issues the Call for the Nashville Convention, I’m going to be on the phone with the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation (NCVC).  These people are pros.  Nashville gets 13 million visitors a year, and wants more.  They all spend money.  I’m going to try to get NCVC to promote the historical significance of what we’re doing.  This will be the Second Nashville Convention.  The first, held in 1850, helped put off the Civil War for a decade.  Because of its historic nature, I’ll try to convince them to pop the money for a documentary of the entire proceedings.  Maybe they could split the cost with the Tennessee Legislature.  I want a professionally produced video record of the entire proceedings, including interviews with Delegates off the floor, the whole background story.  This is the first Convention of States in 156 years.  Let’s make a record of it.

These crazy Convention of States people are going to  mob the Capitol in Nashville  next week because they feel they’re being excluded from the Nashville Convention.  This threat is backfiring, as most people in the Article V movement see it as political sabotage.  No good will come of this idea.  It’s childish and counter productive.

I can’t wait for that lucky day, 7-11-17.

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