Cracks in the iron rice bowl

“You can’t know what it’s like out there!  I’ve WORKED in the private sector.  They expect ‘results’.”  Dr. Raymond Stantz, in Ghostbusters. 

Common Cause, lavishly funded by the public employees unions, has emerged as the strongest ally of the John Birch Society in its efforts to block the Article V BBA.  Special Agent Enns reports that, when the BBA Resolution came to the Idaho Senate floor, the scene outside the Senate chambers was a little incongruous, with crowds of Birchers intermingling with public employee union supporters.  Gathered as one, to fight for unrestricted federal spending, until forever, or when the money runs out.

This odd couple was joined by representatives of the ACLU.  How a BBA threatens civil liberties was not explained.  What is clear is that the Birchers, and those who heed their call, are dupes of a left wing conspiracy to stop a BBA.   George Soros is writing big checks.  My guess is that if the United States goes bankrupt, Soros has figured out a way to make a killing in the market.  So the  money he’s spending is kind of an investment.  If an Article V Convention was actually a threat to the Constitution, Soros would be all in.  He hates this country, the people in it, its history, and its Constitution.  He’s declared war on us.  We’ll see who wins.

Our main man in Idaho, Greg Casey, an old acquaintance of Lew Uhler, is ready for round two next year, and he and his associate Ken Burgess, along with Loren, have already sketched out a game plan.  As Arnold said in The Terminator, “I’ll be back.”  Our principal opponent, Sen. Bart Davis, is on tap for appointment to become the U.S. Attorney for Idaho, and his presence will not be missed.   Now that we know what we’re up against,  we’ll be better prepared in 2018.  If there was some way to induce Casey to become active outside Idaho he would be a tremendous help.

We got a shout out from another old friend of Lew’s, Senator Orrin Hatch, on the Senate floor.  It’s a speech no one paid any attention to.  The media is too busy asking every Republican in Washington, “Are you now, or have you ever been, in contact with a Russian?”  That’s important stuff, and a $20 trillion debt is uninteresting.

With respect to Article V, Sen. Hatch said “… questions remain unresolved, and theories untested.”  Well, we’re going to resolve some questions, and test some theories, at the Nashville Convention of States.  He also noted that the citizen’s movement for an Article V BBA is only six States short of the needed 34.  Actually, right now we’re only five States short, after Wyoming.  He closed his speech, “… the decision to use the Constitution to require fiscal responsibility belongs to the American people, not to Congress.  We can either take the responsibility we were elected for and propose a balanced budget amendment or the American people will do it for us.”

Well, we’re trying, Orrin.  It would be nice if you could direct some help our way.  Actually, I would hope that Sen. Hatch could come and testify before one of the Committees of the Convention of States.  He’s been at the BBA game, as a United States Senator, for a very long time, and I’m sure he’d like to put in his two cents worth.

I think Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin should be there as well, and maybe Fed Chair Janet Yellen.  I’m sure they all have views on the subject.

Nashville could be very interesting.  Babbie and I had a great time at the Grand Old Opry a couple years ago.  Being a kid from Richmond, California, I was never into country music, and I was blown away by the quality of the music.  And there was an undercurrent of patriotism that made the whole thing a night to remember.





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