The case for war is money

A new conservative journal is out, and I think it’s going to be worth subscribing to.  It’s called American Affairs, and it has an article by Michael Anton,  who is currently serving on Trump’s NSC.  Anton wrote a famous piece back during the campaign (it seems like yesterday) calling 2016 the Flight 93 election.  The ship was going down, and it was going to be necessary to turn the cockpit over to an unstable rookie.  It was very well done, and nearly convinced me.

Anton says that a nation seeks peace, prosperity and prestige.  He says a nation doesn’t have to be prosperous, but that’s the way Americans like it, and that’s what they want.  He goes on to say that “Our commercial relations around the globe are thus matters of national security.”  On that point, he’s wrong.  They are matters only of national interest, and are subordinate to the national security.

Anton served in Bush II’s NSC, and here is where it shows.  Bush was a chamber of commerce Republican, and Anton is advocating a chamber of commerce foreign policy, where American blood is shed for commercial interests.  Iraq was a war, in part, for oil security.  America doesn’t need that oil any more, so we’ll never go to war in the Middle East again.

A chamber of commerce foreign policy is anti-Russian and pro-NATO.  That’s where the money is, in Europe. They are our most important trading partner, and the chamber of commerce would go to war on their behalf.

Trump is not a chamber of commerce Republican.  He’s a stone cold American patriot, and I don’t think he’s going to allow the sons and daughters of America to get killed fighting for the Europeans.  I suspect Bannon shares his views.

All this anti-Russian hysteria is a political problem, one which will impede better relations with the Russians.  Political problems have political solutions, and I think Trump and his innermost circle, (which, I’m pleased to point out, definitely includes Jeff Sessions) will figure their way through this.

It seems to me that the media are going whacko, on all this Russian stuff.  It’s like they’re whipping themselves into a frenzy, in their hatred of Trump.  You wonder, how long can they keep this level of hysteria up?  They’re going to burn themselves out.

Like the man says, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

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