The blog

Four years ago I was on my evening stroll in the woods, sitting on a log with a beer and a cigar, thinking deep thoughts.  I was coming up with some good ones, and I was frustrated that I had no one to share them with.  There are a thousand people out there somewhere, I thought, who felt as I did, but I had no way to communicate with them.

Then my son and Reagan Project Co-founder Darren decided to set me up with a blog, and I started it up in November of 2013, just when I was getting in touch with Lew Uhler, and eventually the BBA Task Force.  I’ve been at it ever since, and this morning the thousandth reader signed up to receive it in their email.  It’s not a big audience, but I like to think it is select.   Anyone who reads this stuff is not your average bear.  So, thanks to all who have encouraged me by signing on.  I have no idea who you are, but somebody reads this thing.

It just so happens that the course of American politics since this blog started has been among the most tumultuous in our history.  The tectonic plates are shifting, and the election of Trump was an earthquake.  We are witnessing a radical political evolution, and possibilities abound.  In times like these great and new things can come into being.  It’s in periods like this that something like an Article V Convention can finally happen, and once that occurs the possibilities of fundamental reform become real. It’s a hell of a time to be alive, and to be writing a political blog, and to be working on Article V.

First the Cubs win the World Series, then Trump gets elected, and then we all watch the greatest Super Bowl ever.  In four months we get the first Convention of States in 156 years, and in August the Great American Eclipse. It only seems right that the next step is getting to 34, and the first use of Article V in American history.

The final step would be the rejection of the Cold War era Liberal International Order, and its replacement by a new global entente, led by the United States, Japan, the Anglosphere (including India), and Russia.  There is no reason on earth that couldn’t happen, and if it did we can start reducing nuclear weapons all over the world.

The fly in this ointment is our leader, Trump the Improbable.  He needs to get his wife and young son into the White House.  It’s like he’s going stir crazy, getting up in the dark of night and tweeting like a bird.  This is no way to run a government, and he needs his family around him before he does something really bad, if he already hasn’t.  His young son can miss a couple months of school.  It won’t do him any harm, and home schooling with the President of the United States is more interesting than whatever he’s doing now.  At the White House, he can watch history being made.  It’s an opportunity for his education, not a burden.  It’s time for Ivanka and the rest of the family to have a talk.  I’m the same age as Trump, and it’s not healthy for guys like us to be on our own.  The testosterone starts flowing, and you need your wife around to cool you off.

It’s spring in Gold Country, with sprouts and shoots and blossoms.  We’ve had a good, wet winter, and baseball is just a few weeks away.  The days warm and lengthen, and my little valley will be full of flowers before long.  Time for a walk, a beer and a cigar.  What have I got to complain about?

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