Just the facts, ma’am

You can look long and hard for facts, as opposed to opinions.  In the media, the absence of actual facts to report is a void, filled by opinion.  I’m getting worn out with all of the inside politics, and everyone’s opinion of this or that.  Who’s in or out, up or down?  Who cares.  Just keep the caravan moving.

The Friday jobs report may be as high as plus 300,000, a huge number, and perhaps the first of more and bigger reports to come.  That will  be a fact.  The Federal Reserve is poised to begin climbing down from its dangerous easy money policy, and this will be a great relief.  The Fed has been printing so much money it posed a danger of sudden collapse, a loss of faith.  Setting this all right will take time, but we’re heading back to a more normal monetary policy, and that will be a fact of great significance.

A fact that is starting to come into focus is the emerging rational exuberance in the economy.  This is the time to start a business, and it’s going to get better.  Trump is spending a great deal of his time promoting this, in his countless meetings with industry leaders.  Today it was infrastructure executives.  Trump’s spreading the word, and he’s being heard.  This is the most pro-business administration in history, that I know of.  The business expansion about to begin should be propelled into high gear by corporate tax reform, and return of overseas capital.  That may be a while, but it’s coming, and if you’re in business you’d better be prepared for it.

And this is what determines Trump’s political fate:  facts.  Jobs.  Growth.  Prosperity.

We passed out of committee in the Arizona Senate, and we should be on the floor soon.  #30.  It’s been a long time coming.  A lot of the credit goes to House Speaker J. D. Mesnard.  He rose from the ranks of a legislative staffer to become Speaker at the age of 35.  He is an impressive young man, with a bright political future.  And he’s smart.  He made our BBA Resolution his personal bill.  With the Speaker as the lead sponsor, a bill is greased. It doesn’t guarantee a successful floor vote, but the bill will get to the floor.

Mr. Mesnard is a man to keep an eye on.


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