Republicans own the economy

Smart Democrats used to understand that elections are won and lost on bread and butter issues, like jobs, wages and economic vitality.  You get the impression that boring stuff like that doesn’t really interest them anymore.  Social justice requires some form of socialism, apparently.  No serious person really believes in socialism any more, but the progressive left isn’t serious.  It really just wants to preen and flaunt its moral superiority.  Jobs have nothing to do with it.  Everything points to an impending economic boom, the like of which we haven’t seen in 35 years.  The economy will allow Trump to ride out a lot of political storms.  As long as the caravan keeps moving, he’ll be fine.

New Mexico Democratic Speaker Brian Egolf and Arizona Republican Speaker J. D. Mesnard are 41 and 35 respectively, but aside from their early political success they have little in common.  Egolf chose to make rescission of the BBA his personal legislation, and as such it was wired, and we lost New Mexico today.  Rep. Yvette Herrell did all anyone could have done, but a bill sponsored by the Speaker is going to pass.  Every Senator has a bill sitting in the House, and they all need the Speaker to agree to let their bill on the floor.  Nobody wants to piss him off.  So the signal achievement in young Mr. Egolf’s career, from a national perspective, is killing a Balanced Budget Amendment, something that at least 2/3 of New Mexicans support.  He’s earned the affection of George Soros and his gang, and that will help brand him a member of the New Left.  We’ll see how far Mr. Egolf gets, with that kind of political judgement.

Speaker Mesnard, on the other hand, made passage of the BBA Resolution his personal bill, and we’ll make up for the loss of New Mexico when it passes the Arizona Senate later this week.  I’ll make a prediction.  His sponsorship of this legislation will make him a leader of the Article V movement.  When Arizona adjourns in about three weeks I intend to discuss this with J.D.

So we begin and end the week with 29 States.  There are seven remaining target States that are under complete Republican control.  We need to get five of them.  Under the right circumstances, we could get them all.  A great deal hangs on the success of the Planning Convention.  There’s no reason in the world it shouldn’t be a rousing success, so we’ll get her done in ’18.  Or bust.

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