A long shot is better than no shot at all

The only election this year that matters is the Virginia Governor’s race.  Virginia is a target State, with a 21 R-19 D split in Senate, and an overwhelming Republican advantage in the House.  The House is going to stay Republican, and the Senate is not up for election this year.  While the Governor has no formal role in the passage of a BBA Resolution, in the case of Virginia a Republican Governor in our corner might be a real asset.

Speaker Bill Howell is a solid Article V man, and has done all he could on our behalf.  But he has no influence in the Senate.  In fact, there is no one in the Senate he can really do business with.  He just passes bills in the House, and sends them over, and receives Senate bills.  No communication.  This is truly bizarre.

Bill Fruth and others have made valiant efforts to each out and communicate with these Virginia State Senators, all for naught.  It’s like they’re nobility or something.  Having been a State Senator myself, I know the title can go to some people’s heads.  But this is ridiculous.  These people won’t even talk to us.  But I’ll bet they’d talk to a new Republican Governor.

Ed Gillespie is the guy.  This guy is good.  Four years ago he bought a 60 second spot on Monday Night Football, the night before the election, and told the audience he was 100% behind the Washington Redskins keeping their Indian mascot.  Brilliant.  I remember some analyst on a network looking at the results the next night from Virginia, and he was saying these numbers can’t be right.  Gillespie is getting way too many black men. But, of course, black guys in Virginia are Redskins fans, and they don’t like their team being pressured by a few renegade Indians.

Way to go, Ed, I hope you’ve got a few more up your sleeve.  He’s got a Tea Party primary challenger, but he’s the far superior candidate.  This is a task for the Task Force between now and the Republican primary on June 13th.  When Gillespie goes to meet the voter events he needs to meet people who will ask him if he supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  When he says yes, you ask him if he’s willing to do anything to pass it.  And then explain Article V, and that a Resolution from the Virginia Assembly in support of a BBA is needed, and would he be willing to help?  If three, or four, or five people ask him this same question, he’ll remember it vividly.  This would be perceived as a groundswell of public support.

With Gillespie’s help, we could finally get the attention of the Senate.  He might be able to do more than that.  But first, you have to ask.

Hopefully Gillespie’s opponent will be former Rep. Ton Perriello, who’s running as the Bernie Sanders Democrat.  Main stream conservative Republican Gillespie against  Bernie Boy Perriello in a purple State.  The election is in eight months.  Which way will the wind blow?


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