The Resistance is futile

It’s always fun to watch clowns like Sen. Al Franken make fools of themselves.  Franken knows as much about the law as my wife’s cat, but that won’t stop him from making a spectacle of himself at tomorrow’s Judiciary Committee hearing on the Gorsuch nomination.  All of his prog friends will be counting on him to reveal Judge Gorsuch as a partisan extremist and anti-abortion fanatic.  This is what “The Resistance” demands.  It’s all flapdoodle, but no matter.

And then there’s Leahy, that oily snake.  Here’s a man to truly despise.  Durbin and Blumenthal are equally obnoxious, in their own way.  What a rogue’s gallery of puffed up dopes.

Gorsuch doesn’t need any help, but I’m sure Ted Cruz is all lawyered up.  My hunch is that this is going to prove a huge embarrassment to the Democrats involved.  I don’t think any of them are vulnerable in 2018, but if they were, this wouldn’t help.

And on Thursday “High Noon” on the House floor.  Since I’m retired, I may want to watch the vote on Obamacare R & R.  This is a very big vote, and about as dramatic as legislative politics gets.  Trump and Ryan and the rest of them have all their chips on the table.  They’re all in.  If necessary, Ryan will extend the vote, for as long as he has to, in order to give his Whips time to get to 218.

If you play your cards right, and you’re the 218th vote, you can make some withdrawals from the favor bank.  Rep. Marjorie Margolis-Mezvinsky (3M) was the 218th vote on Clinton’s 1993 budget.  She had pledged to vote no, and if she didn’t, her political career was over.  But while the vote was being held, she got a call from President Bill Clinton, and she switched, and her vote passed the budget.  She needed police escorts in her own district, and was a one term wonder.  But she’s had a marvelous career since, including a UN gig, Chair of the National Women’s Business Council, and a nice sinecure at the University of Pennsylvania.  And her son married Chelsea Clinton.  That must have been one hell of a phone call.

Trump will be available to make a call, if necessary, I’m sure.  I hope we get this mess cleaned up soon, and we can move on to tax reform.  Based on his budget, I think Trump will go bold, and make some major reforms.  That would be a time to be in the market.

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