What will be the Second Article V Amendment?

For years we’ve been trying to get the attention of conservative donors  — people with money who are concerned about the national debt and the concentration of power in Washington.  We’re still trying, but no luck so far.  But we have managed to get the attention of the progressive left.  They take us seriously, and, led by groups affiliated with Soros, have mobilized against us.  They have virtually unlimited money, and have purchased the organization “Common Cause”, and are using it as the vehicle to oppose us.  So we’re finally being taken seriously, but only by the opposition.

In a nationally coordinated campaign, they have won a rescission in New Mexico, may be on the verge of a rescission in Maryland, and are starting a rescission Resolution in Nevada.  We could lose three States this year, putting us back to 27.  This means we have to run the table this year and next, winning in all seven target States which are under Republican control.  That would get us to the magic number, and there are no other States which are under complete Democratic control.  As long as Republicans control one chamber, we don’t have to worry about another rescission.  If we had the money that our opponents do, we could win all seven with a massive publicity campaign.  Absent that, our only real hope is the September Planning Convention.

At the first Convention of States since 1861, we must convince State Legislators from these target States that an Article V Convention will not run away, it will function as intended, propose one and only one Amendment, and adjourn.  These skeptical, and sometimes hostile, legislators will be able to see with their own eyes who will, in fact, be running an Article V Convention.  It will be the same people who are running the Planning Convention.  People who are really no different from the skeptics themselves.

The Planning Convention, or the Convention of States, may also attract the notice of some conservative donors.  If it were not for this Convention, we would be reduced to praying for a miracle.

Until now, we haven’t sought out any help from Trump world.  We were trying to maintain a facade of bipartisanship.  But if we lose all these Democrat controlled States, it will be the Democrats who have turned this into a partisan fight.

Trump is having trouble with Congress, and he may be in for a lot more.  Grand goals like the deconstruction of the administrative state may be out of reach through normal channels.  To make such a deconstruction permanent would require a Constitutional Amendment.  Good luck getting 67 votes in the Senate for that.  So a Deconstruction Amendment could only be achieved through Article V.  Such an Amendment would do more to restore our liberties than people realize.  It would be the crowning accomplishment of a Presidency.  If we have a successful BBA Convention, it would be proof that a Deconstruction Amendment can be done through the use of Article V.  If enough financial resources are made available, and a real campaign was run, it could be done.

Trump World isn’t interested in any of this right now.  They’re still trying to figure out how to get something, anything, through Congress.  When they realize, at the end of summer, that Congress doesn’t actually function, and can’t be expected to do anything, then they may begin to look for alternatives.  And the only real alternative to Congress is Article V.

Because ignorance of the Constitution is so widespread, few people realize that Congress, and the federal government itself, is subject to the several States.  Acting together, using Article V, the States can make Congress do anything they want.  Such as pass a balanced budget.  Beyond that, it’s a question of what’s politically practical.  And only measures which enjoy broad, bipartisan support can get the supermajorities required by Article V.

Eventually, some enterprising reporter is going to look into all this, and tell this tale.  It will eventually get told at the September Convention.  But sooner would be better.




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