Now or never

Politico calls the Soros-funded Democracy Alliance “the left’s secret club”, and it has struck again in Maryland, as it did in New Mexico a few weeks ago, and Delaware last year.  This Soros group has unlimited money, and it is dedicated to preventing a Balanced Budget Amendment, or any other use of Article V.  They apparently understand, as a lot of conservatives don’t, that Article V is the last lifeline of federalism and the Constitution.  George Soros hates the United States Constitution.  He hates this country, and everything it stands for.  On this issue, at least, no one with deep pockets is willing to fight back

With Maryland’s rescission of its 40 year old BBA Resolution, we’re down to 28 States, right we started in January.  Nevada looks as though it could be poised to rescind as well, which would mean we’d be back to 27.   We expect a win early this summer in Wisconsin, which means we’d begin 2018 with 28 Resolutions, six to go: Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Kentucky, Virginia and South Carolina.  All are under Republican control, and can pass Article V Resolutions on a party line vote, if need be.  I’ve yet to meet a Republican State Legislator who opposes a BBA.  But a few are afraid of Article V.  The Phoenix Convention of States is designed to allay their fears.  If it succeeds, we’ll have 34 by the middle of next year.

That’s because, if they get Nevada, there will be no more States in our column that are completely under Democrat control.  And if we control one chamber, we can kill a rescission.  But that could change after the November 2018 election.  Colorado could flip to the Democrats, as it almost did last year, which would mean it’s during the legislative sessions of 2018 or bust for the BBA.

These rescissions are not unexpected.  When we started to get close, we knew the opposition would mobilize.  Two years ago, when Soros stopped us in Montana, we knew the jig was up.  They were on to us, they hate Article V, they have unlimited money, and they control the Democratic Party.  We will not pass in any Democratic chamber, and they have rescinded where they could.

We didn’t see the 2016 Republican takeover of the Minnesota Senate coming.  Minneapolis media mogul Stanley Hubbard was probably the man behind it.  He has regalvanized the Republicans in the State Legislature, and with some help from a Trump bump, we won the Senate, 37-36.  By the skin of our teeth.  Without that 37th Senate seat, we would not be able to get to 34 next year.  Which means maybe never.

Thank you, Stanley Hubbard.  For the last four years you and your cohorts have fought the Democracy Alliance, and George Soros, over the Legislature of Minnesota.  And the winner is:  Stanley Hubbard.  With Minnesota under our control, we can get to 34.  Just barely.

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