More Tomahawks, less tweets

Politically, it was a no brainer.  It wags the dog, in the sense that it forces the media to cover an actual event, as opposed to their incessant back biting rumor mongering.  It shows not only strength, in stark contrast to Obama, it shows decisiveness.  It separates him from Putin.  It earns praise from overseas, and from all Americans who love seeing the bad guys blown up.  It distances him from his alt-right support, and makes him appear compassionate.  It sends a clear message to ruthless killers all over the world, including, especially, the Norks, to wit:  there are very few places in the world where you can hide from American power.  Cruise missiles are only one asset available to a President.  From B-1’s to drones to stealth bombers to Navy Seals, with more on the way.   If we know where you are, we can kill you.`

In poker, it pays to be unpredictable, and, as Nixon knew quite well, it works for a President as well.  Who knows what Trump is capable of?  Chinese President Xi must be rethinking his position.  China is in no way a match for the United States Navy, as he well knows.  And after witnessing, up close and personal, what Trump is capable of, maybe he’ll think twice about a confrontation in the South China Sea.  And he may want to think hard about the Norks as well.

We’ll figure out a way to deal with the Norks soon enough.  What really matters is avoiding military conflict with China.  If that was going to happen, it was going to be over navigation around the Spratly “Islands”.  If Trump had timed this whole thing to impress the Chinese, it couldn’t have gone any better.

It turns out The Resistance is futile, and the Gorsuch win removes a grave threat to our basic liberties as Americans.  Federalists and conservatives will continue to control the Court.  The rule of law is upheld.  The Roberts Court won’t go on offense, as the Obamacare decision showed.  But they will defend our constitutional rights.

This has got to be the proudest moment of Mitch McConnell’s political career.  It makes up for a lot.  And Trump did as he promised.  A big one.

Tomahawk is a bad ass sounding name, but I suppose it’s racist.  Although it wouldn’t be to the Aniak Halfbreeds of the Kuskokwim River.  Most of the kids are part white, so in the 1970’s they decided to adopt Halfbreed as their mascot.  They’re actually proud of their mixed race heritage, and are unapologetic about their name.  They fly to Anchorage every winter for the big Division IV Basketball championships, and proudly take the court wearing Aniak on the front and Halfbreeds on the back.  I always rooted for them.


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