New allies in the fight against Dr. Evil

Cenk Uygar is the founder of the progressive political organization “The Young Turks” (TYT) and a founder of Wolf-PAC, which seeks to end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in the United States.   You may call him a dreamer, or something else, but for me, for the moment at least, he is my ally.  Our common enemy is George Soros, who is attempting to destroy Wolf-PAC.  The details are in this link.

TYT believes in Article V, and for that reason alone I ally with them.  And it is for that reason alone that Soros wants to kill us both.  TYT has five blue States, including Vermont, where the State Senate, acting like Soros lapdogs, recently voted to rescind its Article V Wolf-PAC Resolution.  We need to kill this Rescission bill in the Vermont House.

Here’s the math.  150 members, 55 Republicans.  75 needed to kill a bill.  If you get all 55 Republican votes, you only need 20 of the 95 Democrats to vote “nay”.  I’m volunteering for this project this evening, via text.  I’d like to start making phone calls on Monday.

If we can unite the Vermont Republicans against rescission, we will have made a deposit in the favor bank for TYT.  This would make us even, since they tried to help us in Montana.

It would also encourage them to get the five States they have  — California, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont —  to send delegations to the Phoenix Convention of States.  These States understood Article V when they passed the Wolf-PAC Resolution.  They have demonstrated, by their votes, that they know all this “runaway convention” talk is hokum.  Article V is good for all States, period.  Let’s see them in Phoenix.



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