California dreaming

Jerry Brown succeeded Ronald Reagan as Governor of California in 1974, and ran for President in 1976 at the age of 36.  Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia beat him, but Brown did run second in the popular votes cast in the primaries.  After being reelected Governor in 1978, he ran against President Carter in 1980, but gained no traction after Senator Ted Kennedy also jumped in the race.

In the same year Brown first became Governor of California, 1975, the Article V Balanced Budget Amendment movement was formed by two Democratic State Legislators from Maryland and Mississippi, and spread rapidly in State Legislatures across the country.  Most of these legislatures were, at the time, under Democratic control, and it was a completely bipartisan effort.

When Brown first campaigned for President in 1976 the national debt was $620 billion, and it was considered a national disgrace that could no longer be tolerated.  Brown had three principal campaign themes, one of which was the adoption of a Balanced Budget Amendment through the use of Article V.  It made sense, politically.  It was a popular issue.  By 1980 30 States had adopted BBA Resolutions.

All of which leads me to believe we can get Governor Jerry Brown of California to come to the Phoenix Convention of States.  I’m going to see if I can get my old club, the Cal YR’s, to encourage him to come.  He’d be a great ally.

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