Ken Buck, truth teller

In 2010 Ken Buck, the elected District Attorney of Weld County, Colorado, ran a “Tea Party” campaign against an establishment Republican, Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, for the Republican nomination for United States Senate.  He narrowly won the nomination, and lost the general to incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet by less than two points.

Three years later he was diagnosed with cancer, 34 tumors in all.  Somewhat miraculously, two months of intensive chemotherapy effected a complete cure.  Feeling blessed to have life at all, he decided to run for Congress in order to give back to the country that he loved.   He was elected in 2014 in Colorado’s 4th District  —  the eastern, agricultural, half of the State.

Now he’s come out with a call to arms, Drain the Swamp:  Washington Corruption is Worse Than you Think.  He provides new and fresh details of the swampland, and writes with verve and flair.  He’s a happy warrior.

But he’s done more than simply describe the rampant corruption in Congress.  He prescribes a cure, the use of Article V by the 50 State Legislatures to adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, to be followed by other Amendments, beginning, possibly, with term limits.

There is no role for Congress in this process, other than the ministerial duty of setting the time and place for the Amendment Convention, and specifying the means of ratification.  If Congress had the power to protect its political turf, there would never be a Balanced Budget Amendment.  But under Article V, it is powerless.

This book is very well written, and Buck’s co-author, Bill Blankschaen, deserves credit for that.  Blankschaen is a Christian author, and undoubtedly shares the politics of Ken Buck. Which makes him a believer in Article V, and hopefully, soon part of the Article V effort.

This is a book to buy for any of your friends with an interest in politics.  Even light, non-political readers will like and learn from this book.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s the unofficial Bible of the Article V movement.

The BBA Task Force needs to raise the funds to distribute copies of this book to every State Legislator in our seven target States, maybe 1,000 copies in all.  We want this book to go to #1 on Amazon, and for Buck to do a full media circuit, mainstream and conservative.  All of Washington is corrupt,  but the Republicans are in power now, so the MSM will want to hear tales of internal Congressional corruption.

I’ll be trying to sell a few copies in an article I’ve submitted to the American Thinker.   Tomorrow I’ll do an Amazon review.  I’ll have to restrain my praise.

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