There was things he stretched

If you google “Clintonian”, the Urban Dictionary defines it as a statement that skirts the issue, or spins words.  Associating Bill Clinton with skirts is problematic, so I’ll skip that part.  “Spinning words” means giving them flexible or alternative definitions, and that suits Billy Jeff to a T.    To most people oral sex is sex.  But not according to Bill.

When people think of a wall on the Mexican border they think of the Berlin Wall, but it could mean other things.  Webster’s 3rd definition of wall is “Something that is like, or suggestive of, a wall; especially something conceived of as a separating barrier.”  The Iron Curtain was a wall, in that sense.

So our southern border will be secured, but it may not all have an actual, physical barrier.  Because of this Trump has broken an explicit pledge made hundreds of times before millions of people.  Or has he?

Everything I read says illegal immigration has been drastically reduced.  If these reports hold true, Trump will have accomplished three major goals in his first 100 days.  First and foremost, clamping down, hard, on illegal immigration.  Second, the Gorsuch appointment.  Third, a restoration of the animal spirits in the economy and in the business class.

This is what Trump was elected to do.  If he more or less puts illegal entry to an end, it won’t matter if one foot of wall is built.  He will have kept his word.  And it was that promise, more than any other, that got him elected. A lot of Republicans made the same vow.  Trump won because people believed him when he said it.

So Trump didn’t lie, and he didn’t mislead.  He exaggerated.  As Huckleberry Finn said of Mark Twain, “There was things he stretched, but mainly he told the truth.” For a politician, that’s an “A” grade.

I’m one of the few men my age who will admit to being a politician.  Sometimes when I meet somebody and they start talking about how all politicians are liars and thieves, I tell them that I was a politician, and I didn’t lie, and I didn’t steal.  They usually allow that there are exceptions.

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