We’ll trade you two Kochs for one Soros

There are three fundamental political reforms that I know of which share these characteristics:

  1.  They enjoy broad,  bipartisan supermajority support
  2. They are basic issues, understood by all politically literate Americans
  3. If enacted, they would be transformative
  4. They will only be adopted through Article V

They are a balanced budget amendment, congressional term limits and campaign finance reform.

The latter is the goal of Wolf-PAC, and they have five State Resolutions in hand.  But to get to 34 they’ll need a lot of Republican States, and the way they’re going about it won’t work.  Wolf-PAC is associated with the repeal of the Citizens United decision, which overturned the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.  Most Republicans hated that law, and would never vote to bring it back.

There is a flaw in the Wolf-PAC Resolution, and until they fix it they won’t pass one Republican State.  They want their Amendment Convention to “… address issues resulting from Citizens United and related cases …”   First of all, the reference to Citizens United is a red flag for Republicans, second, exactly what are these “related cases”?  How far could this Amendment go?

They should spell out what issues result from Citizens United, rather than citing the decision.  The wording used to describe them could be made politically appealing.  The Amendment Convention would have the same latitude, and would be empowered to propose a remedy equal to the task.

I support Wolf-PAC, even though I despise McCain-Feingold, and therefor support Citizens United.  The two are not incompatible.  I”d like to see out of state money prohibited from State elections, for instance.  The political reality is that in any Amendment Convention the red States will rule.  There are just more of them, roughly 30 of 50.  So any campaign finance proposal would be the handiwork of conservative Republican State Legislators.

I know a lot of these people, and they can be trusted.  And anything they came up with needs 38 of 50 to be ratified.  The Constitution needs no other protection from subversive amendments.

There has to be a way, consistent with the First Amendment, to get George Soros out of our politics.  And while we’re tossing Soros, let’s throw the Kochs under the bus.  They won’t be missed.

This is what is curious for all of those in the Article V movement  — we may be the only thing George Soros and the Kochs agree on.

But all they’ve got is money.  We have an idea.

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