I bet you didn’t know that . . .

There’s a defector from North Korea who is leading a large campaign to launch balloons in the south with anti-Kim messages attached, and release them for the wind to carry north.   For his efforts he has been subject to attempted murder, but nonetheless carries on.  Now the Norks are sending their own balloons south, bearing communist propaganda.  In the 21st century, a war of balloons.


The closer the Republicans get to the 216 votes they need to pass Obamacare repeal and replace, the more expensive it gets.  Today Trump bought Rep. Upton and two others with $8 billion over five years.  That’s $8 billion divided by five, divided by three, meaning the price tag for these three was a little over half a billion apiece.  Chump change, to Trump.  He may have to spend more to get the last votes he needs.  Washington is an expensive place to do business.


Marijuana legalization is a Republican issue.  Check out the comments section in this American Thinker article.  The author pooh poohs the medical benefits of cannabis, and he gets completely buried in the comments by hundreds and hundreds of people sharing their stories of the benefits they have received from this drug.  For some cancer survivors, it’s all they have to deal with chronic, extremely severe pain.  For them, it is a life saving drug.

American Thinker is as conservative as a web site gets.  No progressives are welcome.  The fights are always between reasonable conservatives and the Alt Right.  But on marijuana, there was no real disagreement.

Republican politicians, are you listening?

I was reading a story about Amgen in Drain the Swamp, and how it used its 74 lobbyists in Washington to get a provision in the 2013 emergency spending bill that essentially gave this company a price increase on a class of its drugs.

Did you know that drug companies employ 74 lobbyists apiece?  No wonder marijuana remains classified as a dangerous drug by the federal government.  It’s a safe, effective, cheap drug  — in other words, competition to Big Pharma.

Swamp doesn’t cover it.


In his book, linked to above, Rep. Ken Buck doesn’t actually endorse the BBA Task Force (as I’d been told), with our single subject amendment, and 28 states.  He endorses a rival proposal, the CoS Project, which has 10 states, and no possible political path to 34.

Why would he endorse CoSP, instead of us?  Because he’s never heard of us.  That must be corrected.

It also explains why Jim DeMint in the preface, and Mike Lee, Erick Erickson and Ted Cruz in the blurbs, do not endorse what Buck proposes in his book.  The CoS proposal is a bridge too far for a lot of people.  Mainly, it feeds into the runaway convention myth.

In allowing any amendment that reduces the power and scope of the federal government, the CoS proposal would allow just about any kind of an amendment you can dream up.  Are you pro-life?  How about an amendment stripping the federal courts of jurisdiction in abortion cases?  At a CoSP convention, you could offer it.

To some of these CoSP people, that’s not a bug, that’s a feature.  But they’re wrong.  It’s a bug, and it’s fatal.

Senator Cruz understands this.  He’s endorsed our proposal, but not the CoSP.  We need to explain all this to Rep. Buck.

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