You had to be a big shot, didn’t you

Even though the election was five months away, Bill Clinton figured his wife and he would finally be getting back into the White House.  He’d done what he could to make Trump the nominee, knowing he was the one man Hillary could beat, no matter what.  And, against all odds, Trump it was.

She wasn’t much of a candidate, and really didn’t have any particular rationale for her campaign, but that didn’t matter.  She’d just carry on with the Clinton and Obama program, and that was good enough, running against Trump.  He smiled every time he thought about the Access Hollywood tape that NBC had.  It would come out around two weeks before the election, and it would dominate the news leading up to the voting.  A killer, if he ever saw one.

The fly in the ointment was the email scandal.  It had to be killed, now.  It hung over everything, and it needed to be gone.  The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch need to kill it, and kill it now.

Seventeen years ago he’d given her the big break, appointing her United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.  She owed him, and she knew it.  She had to move, and get it done.

It was a message that had to be delivered personally and privately.  No one would even know about it.  He’d just show up on the tarmac, avoid the press, get aboard for a quick one on one.  Easy.


I’ll bet the lamps are flying in Chappaqua tonight.

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