I’m with stupid —->

For the last few days I’ve been undergoing Trump Withdrawal Syndrome.  This happens when you’re so sick of reading about Comey and the Russians and impeachment that you stop reading the news, especially anything about Donald Trump.  He’s a jerk, but you only get one President at a time, and I wish him well.  There are other things to do, and think about, than Donald Trump, thank God.

The capper was Ross Douthat’s piece in the NYT calling for Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment.  With this, Douthat has gone over the edge, into the liberal universe of moral preening, and good riddance to him.  He’s now an official lap dog of the liberal left.

AG Sessions, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and Special Counsel Mueller are three of the most honorable people in the American system of justice.  As far as I’m concerned, until Mueller completes his investigation, this whole story is dead.  Anything said or written about it is a distraction from the nation’s business.

Trump didn’t do anything wrong with the Russians, so he’s got nothing to worry about.  If anybody did, their heads should roll.

This was done very cleanly, and for that you can thank Rod Rosenstein.  I’ve liked every move he’s made.  He’s a very smart man, and he’s incorruptible.  The same goes for Mueller.

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