How’s Flight 93 working out for you?

Last fall Michael Anton informed us that, as a nation, we were on Flight 93, and if something wasn’t done to defeat Clinton we were all going to die.  In the face of certain death, extreme measures were warranted, like voting for Donald Trump.  With all his warts.

Who knows?  The election was close enough, maybe that metaphor played a part in Trump’s win.  A lot of people voted for him, eyes wide open, holding their nose, only because the alternative was truly frightening.

So these people aren’t particularly surprised by his erratic behavior.  It’s more or less what they bought into.  It’s very disappointing nonetheless.  It’s all so entirely unnecessary and wasteful.  And it all stems from Trump’s inferiority complex, and his constant need to feed his own ego.  He’s a very strange man.

So we’re all on Flight 93, with Trump at the controls.  The problem is, he’s never flown a plane in his life, and he has no aptitude for it.  He has a co-pilot, Vice President Mike Pence, with the needed temperament and experience.  But Donald Trump likes to fly, and we’re all in Disneyland on Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride.

In foreign policy, Trump underpromised and is over-delivering.  So far, his moves in the Middle East, and around the world, have been impressive.  He may have the instincts of a statesman.  He understands power, and geography, and oil, and people, and how they’re all tied together.   In foreign policy alone, he could justify his Presidency.

We haven’t had a coherent American foreign policy since 1989, when Reagan left office and the Cold War ended.  The Bushes, Clintons and Obamas of this world are globalists, and Wilsonian idealists.  They’ve done a great deal of harm, and undoing their mischief is enough to keep Trump busy for his entire first term.

He has the opportunity (and he’s taking it) of revolutionizing American foreign policy, along Kissingerian lines.  My favorite moment of Trump’s Presidency was a photo of the Oval Office, showing Trump, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Henry Kissinger seated around a table.

That would be a conversation to be privy to.  Henry Kissinger is a great man, and a great American patriot.  The fact is that Lavrov is talking to the same man Leonid Brezhnev was taking on a private boar hunt in 1971.

Henry Kissinger has been operating at the very highest levels of American foreign policy for 50 years.  He’s seen them come and go.  He’s seen it all.  And he’s a brilliant man, respected around the world.  With Kissinger providing strategic advice, we have nothing to fear, and a lot to look forward to, in our new foreign policy.

I think it’s very significant that the first three places Trump will visit are the holy sites of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  Whoever put that itinerary together had their thinking cap on.

Trump goes into the NATO and G-7 meetings with a hot hand.  The deals he’s inking in Saudi Arabia represent an enormous wealth transfer from the Saudis to the United States.  Trump got himself, and his country, one hell of a deal.  He’ll be going into Brussels on a roll.

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