A fireside chat with Donald Trump

A week from today, on June 1st, Trump will hold a rally for the faithful in Iowa.  He’ll celebrate the success of his first overseas trip as President.  He has a lot to celebrate, and being the insecure man he is, he’s liable to do a little boasting.  Or a lot.

My suspicion, and hope, is that he’ll do something a lot smarter, politically, before he goes to Iowa.  He’ll give a prime time speech from the Oval Office.  He’ll give all of the American people a report on where he’s been, and who he’s seen, and what he’s done.

He doesn’t need to rally the faithful.  He needs to persuade the skeptics, who are legion.

He’d have a lot to say.  It could have a major impact, if done properly.  Rather than brag, he needs to show some humility, even if it’s false.  He, his family and staff have just been to the religious capitols of the three great monotheistic religions of the world, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

He had to have been emotionally moved by the experience.  If he could share that, with real sincerity, he could get a new start with a lot of people.  He’s missing a great opportunity if he doesn’t try.

On foreign policy, he continues to shine.  While he was visiting the Pope, the U. S. Navy conducted a freedom of the seas exercise in the South China Sea, sailing within twelve nautical miles of islets claimed by China.  According to the Chinese, our Navy sailed inside their territorial waters.

The Chinese squawked, but didn’t respond in any other way.  They are no match for the United States Navy.  No one is.  This naval show of force was absolutely called for, and the timing was perfect.  This is no big deal to us.  We sail our Navy in what the world considers to be international waters every day of the year.  Bravo.

Montana Republican House candidate Greg “Gianforte” (translation: John the strong) missed the part of candidate training where they tell you not to body slam reporters, and has emerged as a hero to red blooded American patriots across the country.  We all want to body slam a reporter, and Gianforte actually did it!  What a guy!

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t agree, and he could lose.  Actually, from a cold blooded Article V perspective, that’s a good thing.  It would mean there would be two incumbent Democrats running in 2018, Sen. Tester and the new Rep. Quist, and more Republicans running statewide against them.

We want to get all of these Republican candidates to endorse the use of Article V to get a Balanced Budget Amendment.  One of them, State Senator Al Olszewski, who’s already filed to run against Tester, supported our bill in the 2015 session.  We want this to be a political issue in the Republican primaries for both House and Senate.

We’ll need a local organization, like Montanans for a Balanced Budget, and we’ll need someone to be its spokesman.  Maybe Greg Gianforte would be interested.

The House leadership is moving toward the Monster Reconciliation Bill of 2017, where we solve all our problems with one bill.  They’ve given up on regular order, and will fund the government after Sept. 30 with some kind of Continuing Resolution.  They don’t have enough legislative days to do a regular budget.  Takes too much time, and they have to take August off.  It’s a tradition sacred to the heart of every Congressman.

What can be done with this useless Congress?  Article V.  That’s what it’s there for.




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