Times change, so must policy

76 years ago the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  Four years later we unleashed weapons against Japan that had never been seen in the world.  Weapons that have never been used since.

Yesterday Takuma Sako of Tokyo, Japan, took the lead on the 197th lap and became the first Asian to win the Indy 500.  Driving a Honda powered car by Michael Andretti.

The great mob that surrounded him as he emerged from the cockpit were all beefy, strong American men, the kind you see at Trump rallies.  I’m sure they all bleed red, white and blue.  And they’re ecstatic that their Japanese friend has won the greatest race of all.

On his victory lap Sato held high the Rising Sun, the flag on the fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor.  The 300,000 Americans who cheered him weren’t bothered.  Japan, and the Japanese people, are now our friends, and important allies and trading partners.  Times change.  We’re Americans.  We don’t blame the sons for the sins of their fathers.

And so it is with Vladimir Putin and his bloodthirsty tyrannical Communist predecessors.  He leads a vast, underpopulated and demographically dying country.  A country that is nonetheless one of the world’s great powers, one virtually surrounded by potential and historical enemies.

Putin is weak, and he knows it, but he’s going to punch above his weight, and we need to respect his position.  The Americans and Russians have every reason to get along, and no reason not to.

There seems to be some sort of cabal of Atlanticists, people who feel we’re obligated to fight for western Europe.  They’re hysterical over Trump, because he is puncturing their balloon.  This may explain most of this Russia garbage.

Jared Kushner might be a good back channel to the Russians, as I believe I advocated a few months ago, so what’s the problem?  These people are unhinged, desperate.  And they’ve got nothing.

I think America’s war days are over.  Memorial Day, for me, means never again.

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