Vladimir Putin, in his own words

In an May 29 interview with Le Figaro, Putin went out of his way to make the following statement:

“…[T}he NATO leaders spoke at their summit about a desire to improve relations with Russia.  Then why are they increasing their military spending?   Whom are they planning to fight against?”

Putin is saying, in effect, that the NATO countries have nothing to fear from Russia.  Would we be fools to believe him?

Any war pitting Russia against NATO would be calamitous for all concerned.  There hasn’t been a war between the major powers of the world since 1945 (excepting the 1960’s fighting between China and the Soviets in Siberia).  What is the casus belli today?  Ukraine?  Senseless.

A war with Europe would be a disaster for all concerned.  Just as it was in 1914.  The world went crazy 100 years ago.

I think we’ve learned since then.  The Europeans were all armed to the teeth before World War One.  There’s no reason to do it again.

After the Mueller investigation and report, proving all this anti-Russia hysteria is moonshine, the time will be ripe for a Russo-American summit.  Putin is looking forward to it, as is Trump.

In 1986, at Reykjavik, Gorbachev proposed banning ballistic missiles, and eliminating anti-missile defenses, such as Reagan’s Star Wars.  Reagan refused, and the greatest disarmament treaty in history didn’t happen.

What might happen at a carefully prepared meeting between Trump and Putin?  Big things, perhaps very big.  I, for one, am very hopeful.  Nuclear weapons are the work of the devil, and must never be used again.  Trump and Putin will have a whole lot to talk about.

For any number of reasons, this summit should take place in Anchorage, Alaska.  It’s a big tourist town, with lots of hotels, a major international airport, along with Elmendorf Air Force Base, and its squadron of F-22’s.

Alaska used to be Russian America, and Putin would receive a warm welcome there.  He’ll want to attend services at the St. Innocent Orthodox Cathedral.   The Russian Orthodox Church is cherished by many Alaska Natives, particularly the Aleuts.

Alaska’s Native people would give Putin a welcome he would never forget.

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