This too shall pass

I haven’t seen the country so divided since 1968.  There was a lot going on back then.  The Martin Luther King assassination, the Bobby Kennedy assassination, the anti-war movement, President Lyndon Johnson’s sudden decision to retire from Politics, the riots at the Democratic Convention, George Wallace’s candidacy,  and on and on.

When Nixon was elected a lot of people were as disgusted as they now seem to be with Trump.  Nixon tried to compensate for his personal sense of insecurity by being the tough as nails political operator, but he made mistakes, and the Deep State took him down.

Now, 44 years later, the Deep State is once again trying to overturn an election, and unseat a President.  And Donald Trump is helping them do it.  This man is a fool.

A real man can’t be bothered by every slight he may receive.  You brush it off, or ignore it, and stay focused.  Trump’s not a big enough man to do that.

It’s a huge character flaw, but it’s not enough to cost him his Presidency.  Lord knows, we’ve had Presidents with character flaws worse than Trump’s.  There’s no excuse for trying to take out a President just because he’s an a– hole.

This whole Russia thing needs to end, and every time Trump tweets about it, that end is delayed.  This is costing him, and the Republicans, politically.

I hope the Democrat candidate wins in Georgia.  Trump needs to listen.  And then maybe he’ll shut up.  And if he’d shut up it will all blow over.

So where does the answer to all our problems lie?  Not with Trump, that’s clear by now.  Is Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell going to step up and assume national leadership?  Is any Republican in Washington capable of accomplishing an agenda?

I wouldn’t bet on it.  For change to come, it must come from the states, and their legislatures, through the use of Article V.  That’s how this country gets fixed.

Let that be the message of the Phoenix Convention of States.

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