On Wisconsin

Special agent Loren Enns reports that the Wisconsin House has passed the BBA Resolution 54-41.  Great news.  Except.

R’s have 64 votes in this chamber, 35 D’s.  That means at least six Republicans voted no.   That’s not good,  although it should be noted that our main opponent, the John Birch Society, was born in Wisconsin, and still is something of a force there, politically.

In the Senate the split is 20-13, which means we could lose three R Senators and still pass.  The BBA Task Force, Loren in particular, is on the case.  Gov. Walker is a strong supporter, and with some hard work we’ll get to 17, and Wisconsin will be our 28th state.

In an article yesterday about our effort in Wisconsin in Bloomberg BNA, there was some refreshing news.  Our leftist opponents, largely funded by Soros-affiliated organizations, are no longer using the runaway convention myth against us.  Now they’re saying the BBA itself is a dangerous idea.

Good luck with that.  The United States Congress, on a daily basis, demonstrates that an outside intervention is needed.  And that’s what Article V is for.


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