Greg Gianforte, and escaping a typecast

As soon-to-be Representative Greg Gianforte heads to Washington and his swearing in, his hometown newspaper, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle leads its front page with this headline:  “Gianforte calls for civil politics after assaulting a reporter.”  Another front page story describes his lawyers seeking to avoid having a mug shot taken of him.

They won’t let this go.  This body slammer label will stick to him until he finds a way to change the subject.  How can he do that?

He’ll have lower seniority than anyone in Congress.  He represents a small and politically insignificant state.  As a politician, he hasn’t demonstrated much skill.  He lost a very winnable Governor’s race last year, while Trump was winning a landslide.

Most people think he wants to run for Governor in 2020.  He’s a self made multi-millionaire who loves his life in Montana.  He’as not going to put up with being a Congressman for long.

So what can he do in the next three years that will convince Republican voters to nominate him for Governor a second time?

Babbie and I are driving to Bozeman in six weeks, just as Congress goes into its August recess.  Gianforte will spend much of that recess at his home in Bozeman.  I hope to meet him.  What better for a new political identity than the Balanced Budget Amendment?  Instead of body slamming Gianforte, let’s have Balanced Budget Gianforte.

Bill Fruth gave his weekly report today on the Phoenix Convention.  The committee of legislators appointed to plan it is starting to come together, and make some decisions.  A lot’s going to be riding on Phoenix.

The Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force, thanks to the generosity of Dave and Suzie Biddulph, will be sponsoring a breakfast at the ALEC annual meeting in Denver.  On the last day of the meeting, Friday, July 21st, Rep. Ken Buck will be addressing the 500 or so state legislators in attendance on behalf of the Task Force.  After the breakfast is over, Rep. Buck will stay and be available to sign books and answer questions.

Ken Buck represents the most rural part of Colorado.  It’s a lot like Montana.  He and Greg Gianforte would probably hit it off.  It would sure be nice if Buck could explain Article V to his new colleague.

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