Oil = power

The Germans found out the hard way.  They signed the Armistice in 1918 because they’d run out of oil, and without it their armed forces were unable to fight on.  The also lost the Second World War for lack of oil.  The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because we cut them off from our oil, and they lost the war in the Pacific because they couldn’t get enough oil.

So when “Trump calls for U. S. Dominance in Global Energy Production”, he’s not just talking about oil, and the economy, and jobs, he’s talking geopolitics at the highest level.  As a major energy exporter, the influence of the United States around the world be magnified enormously.  Especially with the countries we export to.

Being reliant on another country for your oil makes that country your ally, de facto.  So who needs our oil, and who do we want as our allies?

Number one on the list is Japan, followed by South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  These are all countries that border on China.  The logical American source for this oil is Alaska, much closer to these markets than the lower 48.

If Trump gets his way, the lion’s share of the oil we’ll need for the domination we seek will come from increased production on the federal lands in the western United States.  From Montana south to Wyoming, then south to Utah and Colorado, then South to Arizona to Mexico, within these states the potential petroleum reserve on federal land is worth unknown trillions of dollars.

Opening up oil exploration and production on the federal lands within these states, will, by itself, increase American production to make us energy dominant.  But we want a special relationship with Japan, and we want to let them import a pot of oil they’ve had their eyes on since the Prudhoe Bay discovery was made  —  Alaska.

The trans Alaska pipeline is running at 25% of capacity, and we’ll need to get it running full steam again.  Japan will take every drop of oil we can get to Valdez.  There’s one undeveloped area that could fill that line to capacity, and it’s located not for from its northern terminus.

It’s on the most godforsaken ground on this planet, its only permanent residents the native Inupiats.  Their ancestors arrived 2,000 years ago, and they have survived in the harshest environment  on earth ever since.  The part of the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve where the oil is located is Inupiat land.

The Inupiats want this oil developed.  In Inupiat culture, decisions like these are made by a Council of Elders, and they have met, and they have decided.  They want to stay where they are, in the land of their forefathers, and they want a better life.  Oil development on their land will provide an economic fortune to the few thousand Inupiats left.

I think Trump will listen to the Inupiat, and open up ANWR, and fill that pipeline.


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