Japan and the oil of the Inupiat

If Pakistan, India, Great Britain, France and North Korea can have nuclear weapons, why can’t Japan?  Unlike these nuclear powers, Japan is one of the five great powers of the world.  And it’s the only country these weapons have ever been used against.  If any country has been a more cooperative member of the world community in the last 72 years, I don’t know who that is.

The Norks are a puppet of China, and if China refuses to reign them in, they will be responsible for the nuclearization of their perennial geopolitical rival, and the remilitarization of East Asia.  Their choice.  And if Japan goes nuclear, the South Koreans will be right behind them.  China is playing a very dangerous game.  Japan could turn into a giant nuclear aircraft carrier permanently anchored off China’s coast.

Apparently, President Trump has given them a warning, so the ball is in their court.  Trump may be this, and he may be that, but on foreign policy every move he makes looks as though it’s been approved by former Secretary of State Kissinger.  There’s a tradition of “wise men” serving as a President’s informal strategic advisers.  Henry Kissinger seems to be President Trump’s wise man, and he couldn’t have chosen better.

Can we trust Japan with nuclear weapons?  In the past, they were the aggressor nation of East Asia, because they had so few natural resources of their own.  But now they’re rich enough to buy and import whatever they need, but they still want a secure and permanent source of energy.  Without a foreign supply of energy, they are no longer a great power.

Japan started World War Two in the Pacific in order to secure a supply of oil.  But they don’t ever have to do that again.  They’ve got Alaska as a ready and willing seller, on long term contract.  And in geopolitical terms, Alaska is a hop, skip and a jump away from Japan.  It a natural.

The fact that they invaded Alaska, and brave Americans died defending it, is an unfortunate historical fact.  But Alaskans are willing to put that behind them.  Alaska and Japan will be good partners.

The problem is, Alaska seems to be running out of oil.  The pipeline is running at 25% capacity.  So where does Japan get its oil?  From the Inupiat.   They can get the Inupiat oil that’s buried in what’s called Area 1002 of ANWR.

I think the Mayor of the North Slope Borough, the President of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, and the President of its subsidiary, the ASRC Energy Services Corporation, should go to Japan and talk to Prime Minister Abe about their oil.  I’m sure he’d be interested.



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