Four more, or one and done?

Running for public office is a family decision.   If you do it without the full support of your spouse, you will either lose your marriage or your campaign.  It’s the same as far as running for reelection.   You have to have your family behind you, or you’ll lose them.

Getting inside the head of Donald Trump is above my pay grade, but some things about him seem clear.  For one, he’s devoted to his family, and its welfare.  How is his Presidency affecting them?  More specifically, is life in the White House in the best interest of Barron Trump?

Right now, he looks like a normal eleven year old kid.  If Trump runs for a second term, his son will spend his juvenile and high school years under an intense, never ending spotlight.  That sure doesn’t seem like fun to me.

I was a fairly normal eleven year old boy.  The next seven years of my life were, let us say, eventful.  At the end of the road I met and married Babbie, so I didn’t turn out too bad.  But it was a rocky road.  If everything I did  —  just the stuff I got caught at —  had been of interest to a media looking for ways to inflict pain on my family, I would have been in trouble.

But Barron has been raised in a Manhattan penthouse, as I assume his older half-brothers were, and those two make their Daddy proud.  So maybe growing up in a fishbowl is what this boy has in store for him, no matter what.  Being the son of the President has its advantages.  But I’ll bet when he’s fifteen he’ll have had enough of it.

And then, of course, there’s Melania.  I think she’s perfectly capable of telling her husband that one term is all he gets.  She kept Barron in Manhattan for six months after the inauguration, because that was best for him.  To hell with what the President wants.  If she decides that Barron’s best interests are served by leaving the White House, and living in Manhattan or somewhere else, that’s what’s going to happen.  Trump hates living without her and Barron, and he’d go with her.

A lot of people who grudgingly admire Trump, and strongly support his entire agenda, wish it were one and done.  Trump seems to have more energy than Reagan did, but when almost any man passes his mid-70’s, you’re not as quick as you once were.  In Reagan’s case it may have been early Alzheimer’s, but you don’t want to take chances.   Trump would be 78 when he finishes a second term.  I think that’s too old.

Ideally, Vice President Pence would succeed him, and serve two full terms.   That would essentially be twelve years of a Trump administration, the last eight of which were headed by his hand picked man.  In the history books it would be like the Harding-Coolidge years of the 1920’s.  The Trump-Pence era of American politics.  Accent on the Trump.  That ought to be enough to satisfy any man’s ego.

Most one term Presidents were failures.  Tyler, Fillmore, Arthur, Andrew Johnson, Carter, and Bush I come to mind.  And then there’s James K. Polk.  Few Presidents have taken office with a bigger agenda than Polk.  He had four goals, and he achieved them all, including a settlement of the dispute over Oregon, and the acquisition of California.  I know of no President who was so completely successful.  He was one of our greatest Presidents.  He served one term.

Trump won’t admit it, because it turns him into a lame duck.  But in 2020, he’s going back to what he wants to do, at this stage of his life.  Enjoy himself.

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