When all you’ve got isn’t good enough

When the BBA Task Force was formed in 2010, sixteen states were on record with the requisite Article V BBA Resolutions.  Eighteen more were needed.  Work began in 2011, and here is the year by rear score card:

2011  —  Florida and Alabama

2012  —  New Hampshire

2013   —  Ohio

2014  —  Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Michigan

2015  —  North Dakota, Utah, South Dakota

2016  —  Oklahoma, West Virginia

2017  —  Arizona, Wyoming

Alerted to our progress, the George Soros wing of the Democratic Party counterattacked. The Resolutions which had passed in the 1970’s in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada and New Mexico were rescinded by the Democratic majorities in their state legislatures.  The Task Force tried to argue, on the merits, against these rescissions.  No Democratic state legislator in any of these states was interested in listening.

We now have 27 Resolutions, and Republicans control our seven targeted states.  If we fail to reach 34 next year, we risk losing control of more state legislatures.  If Democrats in the 2018 election get control of a state with a BBA Resolution, it will be rescinded in 2019.  That would mean our path to 34 would be blocked by Democratically controlled legislatures.  Checkmate.

Getting to 34 means getting seven states in one year.  The Task Force has never won more than four states in one year, so this hill looks too steep for us.  Especially because every one of those seven targets is going to be a fight.

So David Biddulph and others on the Task Force sally forth, yet again, to raise the funds we need.   They’ve been trying to raise serious money for seven years.  They’ve tried to do it on the merits, but the money people haven’t been interested.  The attitude was, essentially, who are you guys?  You’re going to amend the Constitution?  You?

Representative Ken Buck of Colorado is going to do all he can for us, and God bless him for it.  But the key may be the Phoenix Convention of States.  This is a Bill Fruth production, although it is now firmly under the control of the Arizona legislature.  The Task Force came up with this idea, and when the first national Convention of States since 1861 convenes in Phoenix,  maybe the people with all the  money will take us seriously.

A phoenix was a bird which burned itself on a funeral pyre, and rose from the ashes with renewed youth to live again.  The Phoenix Convention will convene three weeks after the Great American Total Eclipse of the Sun.

Maybe it all means something.  We could use some help.


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