The Congressional fix-all: your kids’ money

Passing Obamacare cost you money.  The people of Nebraska and Louisiana were given extra goodies in the bill, and those bribes weren’t cheap.  Repealing this law will be expensive as well.  What can only be called “the Alaska Purchase” is a provision in the proposal which will cost $1 billion over the next decade.  It’s a special benefit for Alaska, designed to win the support of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Votes cost money.

It’s how Congress “works”.  Everything costs money, money that your children and grandchildren will pay in taxes and interest.  Eventually a bill to raise the debt ceiling will pass, probably in October.  That will cost money.  Fixing the mess of Obamacare is going to cost a ton of money.  Passing a budget will cost a fortune.

By the end of the year, it’s a good bet this Republican Congress, under a Republican President, will add a trillion dollars to the national debt.  Trillion dollar deficits used to be a big deal.  But they’ve become the norm.

As the man said, something that can’t go on forever, won’t.  These deficits are going to destroy our currency, and economy, and our country.  Congress can’t solve the problem.  Congress is the problem.

The American Legislative Exchange Council meets later this week in Denver.  500 or so state legislators are expected, over 20 from Arizona alone.  They’ll be wearing some sort of badge promoting the Phoenix Convention.  Come one, come all.

Friday morning, after hearing from a couple of members of Trump’s cabinet, Congressman Ken Buck will speak on behalf of the Task Force.  Bill Fruth, Dave Guldenschuh and Dave Biddulph will also make some remarks, as well as a member of the Arizona Legislature’s Convention Planning Committee.

The assemblage of Commissioners which will meet in the Arizona Capitol on September 12th will look like a legislature, and it will conduct itself in the manner of a legislature.  Anyone who watches any part of its proceedings will wonder, “Why can’t Congress function like that?”

It’s because Congress is a broken beyond repair institution, and an outside intervention is needed.  The Framers of the Constitution provided for this situation, in Article V.   Its up to the states, and their legislators, to use it.  That begins in Phoenix.


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