“Balance of Power” goes into production

Daniel Falconer and Andrew Rodney are two guys from Detroit who decided to make a documentary film on the sad decline of their hometown.  So Falconer directed and they co-wrote and produced “DEFORCE”.  According to Ken Burns, it is “An essential study . . .  The ceaseless trials of Motown are brought to light as never before.”

Their new project is tentatively titled “Balance of Power”, and shooting will begin at the Phoenix Convention of States on September 12th.  The Arizona Legislature’s Convention Planning Committee has agreed to give them floor privileges, and two camera crews will cover the proceedings.  Commissioners from the various states in attendance will be interviewed, and all aspects of the meeting will be potentially included in the final cut.

Since this will be a professional job of film making, and additional footage will be needed to be filmed in Washington D. C., it may be a year before the release date.  Some assurances have apparently been given  by a national television network to air it when it’s done.

Since it won’t be out until late 2018 it really won’t benefit our campaign next year.  And if we don’t get to 34 in 2018 we may face additional rescissions.

But if this campaign for an Article V Balanced Budget Amendment doesn’t hit 34 in 2018, and the campaign  extends into 2019, this film could be what puts us over the top.


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